General Information

  • The Career and Technical Education Department with Gwinnett Online Campus offers elective courses that are directed toward a career pathway for our students. GOC Career Pathways are created and approved by the State Department of Education and Gwinnett County Public Schools. A student may select a technical career pathway which includes a sequence of technical courses in a concentrated area or they can take stand-alone technical courses to meet their elective graduation requirements. On average students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day during a semester, 120-150 minutes per day while taking a block course during a semester, and 240 minutes per day during a summer semester.


  • Instructors will hold class sessions as a review for any course retesting during the semester on an “as needed” basis. These sessions will be designed to enhance student mastery of the course standards and to provide an opportunity for remediation, reinforcement, and extension. Students will be required to attend these chats in order to retest on summative assessments.Recordings of Adobe session reviews and additional course resources can be found under Course Content - Recordings and Resources.

Face to Face Requirements

  • Each student is expected to attend a face-to-face orientation meeting. The specific time and location will be posted in your course home page, in your welcome email, and at your local school. All students must attend a face-to-face final exam at Gwinnett Online Campus. The date for your specific course will be posted on the course home page.

Department Chair

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