• Dr. Ray D2L Award            Gwinnett Online Campus has won an International Award for the Personalized Learning Course Design and the success of this instructional model for the future!

Personalized Learning

  • Gwinnett Online Campus is developing personalized learning courses to empower students to exceed their potential through individualized learning paths designed to support and enrich every learning outcome. With the teacher as the analytical engine, all students will receive purposeful and targeted instruction based upon their individual strengths and areas for growth. Advanced content or review material will be released to students based upon formative assessments and student interaction with the digital content. This powerful instructional design will maximize learner-focused flexibility and positively contribute to the graduation rate of Gwinnett Online Campus.


  • Personalized Learning Vision


  • Personalized Learning Framework

Snapshots into the Personalized Learning Lab

  • Snapshots from the Personalized Learning Lab In addition to the unique online course design, students engage in technology-rich station learning when their courses are brought to life in the innovative new personalized learning lab. While in the lab, students move through multiple stations, depending on their instructional needs and learning styles. This powerful instructional design maximizes learner-focused flexibility and positively contributes to the graduation rate of Gwinnett Online Campus.

A Glimpse Into our Personalized Learning Lab at GOC

Personalized Learning Powered By GOC

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