• Personal Fitness is a semester-long, graduation required course. Students taking Personal Fitness will complete a personal fitness portfolio and summarizing concepts portfolio to learn health and fitness habits that can last a lifetime. Students will self pre- and post-fitness test at the beginning and end of the semester, and also perform monthly fitness progress checks. Students’ weekly workout instructions will depend on the results of their fitness tests and progress checks. Personal Fitness students can think of their teacher as a personal trainer - helping them reach their individual health and fitness goals! Important concepts such as essential components of fitness and training, exercise safety, nutrition and energy management, and goal setting will be covered during this course.

    • What is required?  The use of a free downloaded Fitness App is required to a smartphone. We suggest the Fitbit App, MapMyFitness, or Strava - any fitness app that uses the phone’s GPS to track pace and distance. Students will need to carry or wear their phone while recording walk/runs. They will also need to use their phone to video push up and curl up tests.
    •  Students will need the pace and distance to complete the mile run/walk pre- and post-fitness test, as well as regular progress,  checks each month. Students will take a screenshot of their completed walk/runs each time they are required to turn in validation of the mile. The beginning unit of the course explains this process and how to use their Personal Fitness Portfolio.
    • The more progress a student makes on these fitness tests and progress checks, the less the student will need to use the app for weekly workouts and will be granted the flexibility to summarize workouts in their Personal Fitness Portfolios with a Fitness Sponsor (a parent, coach, teacher or trainer who can vouch for the workout). 

    At the beginning of the semester students will need to discuss with their parents what option they will use to track fitness tests, progress checks, and occasional weekly workout - a free app downloaded to a smartphone OR a personal device. This will be reported to the teacher along with an agreement form of the online class structure of exercising outside of a traditional classroom (on your own, with your sport’s team, in a fitness club/gym, etc.). 

    This form will need to be filled out by the end of the first week of class when the pre-fitness tests will also be due (when the student first uses the app to track their first mile run/walk and also uses the smartphone to record the pushup and curl up test). 

    The form is called, “Personal Fitness Equipment Agreement and Release of Liability”, and will be sent by the teacher via email to the student AND parent.

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  • During each semester Health has reading assignments along with numerous written assignments, discussions, and possible projects each week. Regular semesters operate on weekly deadlines (everything listed for a current week must be completed by Sunday night). Summer semesters operate on daily deadlines. Students enrolled in the health course are allowed to work ahead, but all assignments, including tests and quizzes, must be completed by the deadline posted in the course calendar. On average students should expect to spend up to 60 minutes a day per semester, and up to 4 hours a day in the summer session.

    We provide students information for the online version of ADAP (needed for a driver's license before the age of 18). Click here for the information on how to obtain a certificate. If you have lost your certificate, you can visit the eADAP website and follow instructions for "Print Certificate."