• Student Leadership

    Please visit Mr. Sean Oconnor's office (B207) to learn more about any of our Student Leadership programs.




  • Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT)

    Mission, Vision, and Core Values

    Mission: The mission of PRHS GSLT is to provide outreach towards every student in the student body, unite the cluster through in school and after school leadership development programs, and to foster a culture dedicated to the pursuit of excellence where every student feels worthy and valued. #ONERIDGE

    Vision: The PRHS GSLT commits to serving everyone at Peachtree Ridge, promises to lead with respect, empathy, and integrity, and pledges to promotes school-wide appreciation and pride while acting as the correspondent between the administration, teachers, and students. 

    Core Values: Respect, Empathy, Integrity, Community

  • Peachtree Ridge Leadership Team

    Peachtree Ridge Leadership Team

    Current 9th - 11th graders are encouraged to apply for the Peachtree Ridge Leadership Team (PRLT). There are two levels of leadership on the PRLT. The descriptions are below. Applications can be found on the Student Leadership bulletin board in the main atrium, A102, or can be printed from the link below. Applications 2024-2025 application dates TBD.

    1.  Lion mentors (Sample Only Yellow Application): Your main role would be to present advisement lessons to freshmen There are not many out of school responsibilities, but you would be expected to be prepared for the advisement lessons. Once each month, you will meet with the Lion Leaders to prepare for the advisement lessons that month. 2-3 times per month, you will be presenting advisement lessons in the freshman  in small groups. This will still give you around 4 times per month to be involved in other PRIDE responsibilities if needed. 

    2. Lion leaders (Sample Only Green Application): Your main role is to plan and partially create each of the lessons for freshmen advisement, as well as present them. You would be the leader of a group of about 8, with the other 7 members being Lion Mentors. You would have to make a few more out of school commitments than the lion mentors, but the large majority of your work would be done during PRIDE.

  • Student Council

    Student Council

    You are invited to join the PRHS Student Council! It is easy to join - all you have to do is pay our dues and commit to coming to Student Council meetings that are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 2:30 pm. The $15.00 Student Council dues can be paid through MyPaymentsPlus. Please visit the Student Council Ridge Website for more information.