The Maker Club

  • Purpose/Mission.  Teach students skills with tools, technology, and the design process needed for them to express their creativity through making things that fill needs within the community.

    Sponsor(s).  Kristin McClanahan & Patrick McClanahan

    Meeting Location.  I-206

    Meeting Times. Wednesdays, 2:10pm - 3:30pm

    Student Sponsored Activity. 

  • maker hours logo

    Starting this year, we will be holding Maker Hours every Wenesday from 2:10pm to 3:30pm for anyone who has passed the safety training to come by and use the D3 Space to work on a project. You do not have to be an active club member. There are no minimum number of meeting that must be attended, or even any dues.


    All that is requires is that you:

    1) Have passed the AMATROL safety training level necessary to use the equipment.  (See this document for details and how to sign up for AMATROL)

    2) Have a signed permission form on record with the D3 Space. (A copy of the form can be found here)

    3) You bring your own materials, or pay for materials used through My Payments Plus. 


    If you are interested in joining the club email list and classroom to get up-to-date information about availability and help on projects, fill out this interest form.