Volunteer Hours

    2024 Graduates! 

    All volunteer hours must be entered by May 6, 2024.  All hours entered as of this date will be used to determine if you earned a cord.  

  • Volunteer Hours Form

    Peachtree Ridge encourages students to volunteer their time to help and assist others.  People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

    If you keep track of your volunteer time and input into the system, you may be recognized by the school by providing you a cord at graduation. To input volunteer hours, you must be signed into your school email account and click on this link to access the input form.   Volunteer Hours

    To earn a volunteer cord for graduation, you must have accumulated 180 total hours during your high school career.  These hours must be submitted into the system.  The hours must be actual hours volunteering outside of the school day.

    Monthly volunteer hours reports are available as of the first school day of each month from Ms. Purcell in Room B106. 

    2024 Graduates!  All volunteer hours must be entered by May 6, 2024.  All hours entered as of this date will be used to determine if you earned a cord.  

    Questions/concerns: karen.purcell@gcpsk12.org

    Volunteer Hours Requirements

    • Volunteering must occur outside of the school day and include time spent helping the community.  
    • Volunteer hours that can be submitted must have been earned between the summer after middle school and before May 1 of senior year
    • All hours must be entered into the system. For seniors, the hours must be logged into the system on or before the first Monday in May of their senior year. 
    • Students cannot count time spent on activities for which they received compensation as volunteer hours. A free meal, t-shirt, or place to stay do not count as compensation. 
    • Volunteer hours submitted must include a detailed description of the service performed.
    • The hours submitted must be actual hours volunteering. Donating items cannot be considered as volunteering. Students must give time rather than give items. 
    • Paying to participate in an event is not volunteering; however, helping at an event is volunteering. For example, running a road race is not volunteering; however, handing out water at a road race is volunteering. 
    • For student clubs/organizations, the time spent on activities that only benefit the membership of the organization cannot be counted as volunteer hours. Examples include but are not limited to attending/leading any meetings, preparing materials such as agendas or flyers, marketing for your organization. However, time spent on activities that benefit a wider population can be counted as community service hours. Examples include but are not limited to, the time the club is hosting an event that is open to all students and/or the community, performing an off-campus group service project, creating/promoting educational materials that address a humanitarian issue.
    • Peer leaders, office aides work, or any class event that is associated with a grade is not volunteering. Since a grade is determined for your work, it is not considered as volunteering. If you have a special event with the peer leaders and/or office aides, etc. outside of school hours, please verify that this event is considered volunteer prior to logging time. 
    • Helping your family is not volunteering. For example, babysitting siblings, helping with family business, etc. is a family responsibility.  
    • Helping at a camp or mission trip where you are not being compensated can be considered as volunteering. Do not include travel time, free time, sleep time or any other time that is not considered helping others.  

     This list may be updated if further clarifications of requirements become necessary.