Peachtree Ridge High School is the standard of excellence in all we do. In an effort to maintain this standard, we encourage students to present themselves in a way that promotes excellence in dress. This handout is created to help inform decisions when deciding what to wear to school.

    At Peachtree Ridge, the clothing that is selected to wear should not diminish our daily academic focus. Our core business of teaching and learning is disrupted when a student has to be referred to an administrator for dress that does not promote school excellence and pride.

    If a student is dressed in a style that does not promote excellence based on the discretion of a school administrator, the student will be asked to correct the situation. Failure to comply will result in a discipline consequence.

  • Clothing that does NOT promote an image of excellence is one that…

    1.    Shows cleavage

    2.    Shows midriff

    3.    Shows bottoms

    4.    Shows upper thighs

    5.    Shows undergarments

    6.    Includes head covering (hats, etc.)

    7.    Includes inappropriate pictures/texts

  • Clothing that DOES promote an image of excellence is an outfit that…

    1.    Covers your chest

    2.    Covers your stomach

    3.    Covers your bottom

    4.    Covers upper thighs

    5.    Covers your undergarments  

    6.    Uncovers your head unless for religious purposes

    7.    Has appropriate content on shirts


  • Dress Code: Peachtree Ridge HS administration and staff would like the cooperation of the students and parents in reviewing the student’s dress to ensure it meets the following dress code guidelines before the student comes to school.