• Yearbook


    The Peachtree Ridge Yearbook, The Paragon, is a fully student ran publication housed in PRHS. Students cover, create and build all content in the book. The Paragon is advised by Language Arts Teacher Natalie Bahun and is an academic elective factored into the Hope Scholarship. 


  • Herff Jones is the new official vendor of PRHS Yearbooks!


    Vendor ChangeAll books, Senior Ads and accessories can be purchased at herffjones.com after July 19. 
    Order Quantity: Yearbook Quantity Orders are based off preorders. Few extras are ordered. 2023 Yearbooks sold out before underclass distribution. Order by February 1 to be guaranteed a copy of the 2024 book. 


    Yearbook Policies:

    • Refunds are not given for Yearbooks for any reason
    • Refunds are not given for incomplete Senior Ads
    • If you do not take a student portrait with Magic Moments, you will not be in the yearbook
    • Seniors MUST take their Senior Portrait with Magic Moments to appear in the yearbook
    • As you view your yearbook, remember The Paragon is a student-made publication. Errors happen (typos, mislabelings, etc). The book is extensively proofed and reviewed before publication but human error happens. 
    • IF YOUR STUDENT ID IS INCORRECT, SO IS YOUR NAME IN THE YEARBOOK. Please bring incorrect ids to Mrs. Bahun in A112.



  • Senior Information


    RETAKES: September 11 and 18 at PRHS in the Hub (2:45-5:00) OR you can attend other photo opportunities at any GCPS school.



    July 5 (11:00-5:00), July 6 (9:00-5:00),July 10 (10:00-5:30),  and July 13 (10:00-5:30).

    • Appointment times have been mailed and emailed. If your time does not work for you, you can be a walk-in OR attend a sitting at a different school.
    • All portraits must be scheduled and taken through Magic Moments Photography.
    • You must choose a portrait proof for the Yearbook or else Magic Moments will select your Yearbook Photo
    • All students who take a Senior Photo are guaranteed to be in the yearbook regardless if final proof was chosen.


    Senior Portrait Non Negotiables

    • SENIORS SHOULD NOT TAKE AN UNDERCLASS PHOTO. You risk the possibility of being mislabeled as an underclassman and your photo will not appear with the Seniors.
    • Third Party portraits are not accepted for the formal portraits section of the yearbook.
    • If you do not take a photo, you will not appear in the formal senior portrait section.
    • You will not receive a refund if you do not take a picture but purchase a yearbook.
    • Please be proactive with the photo opportunities.


    Senior Ads

    The purchase and build deadline is October 15.  

      • Policy Change: Senior Ads can be purchased at herffjones.com. Parents are responsible for using the Ad Builder program to build and create their Senior Ad
      • Incomplete ads will default to a 1/8 page ad with a senior portrait and generic message to the student. 
      • Refunds will not be given for Senior Ads for any reason. 

    Viewing Senior Proofs for the Yearbook

    Click "Order Online" in the top right corner
    Choose "2023-2024 Senior Proofs"
    Enter your keyword: Last Name + Last four digits of student ID + p
    Example: Opore1234p

    Selecting a Senior Picture for the Yearbook

    Students can turn in their choices 3 ways:
    1) Email it in to magicmomentprhs@yahoo.com (include image number and name)
    2) Go online to www.magicmomentphotography.com Click "order online" in the top right corner
    Choose 2023 Yearbook Choices and go from there
    3) Enter it when placing an order online

  • This is a student-run publication; the entire yearbook is produced by high school students. Our best effort is given to every page and to be error-free, however, errors do sometimes occur. Refunds will not be given for errors such as a misspelled word, inadvertent omission of photographs, etc.

  • Contact Information


    Mrs. Natalie Bahun

    email: natalie.bahun@gcpsk12.org

    Instagram: pridge_yearbook


    Photography Company:

    Magic Moment Photography

    P.O. Box 1050

    Grayson, GA  30017





    Herff Jones Publishing


  • Picture Dates 2023-2024


    August 29-30, 2023 during first block.

    Club Photos

    Sponsors/Student Officers are responsible for submitting club photos by December 1, 2023


  • Student Id Cards

    Seniors: IDs are made at Senior Picture Summer Dates. Seniors who take a photo at a makeup session are not guaranteed an ID and students who do not take a senior portrait will not recieve an ID.

    Underclass: IDs are delivered to first block teachers four weeks after underclassmen pictures are taken.



    MISLABLED: If you are mislabled bring your ID to Mrs. Bahun in A112. If your ID is wrong, your school picture in the yearbook will be, too.