• Connecting your device on Campus & Password Resets

  • Student Password Resets 2021-2022

    ***If you need your password reset, please contact one of your teachers ***

    All student passwords were reset to their default password (birthdate) on August 3. To access the student portal, students will be required to type their numeric birthday in the password field using two digits for their birth month, two digits for their birthday, and four digits for their birth year. For example, if a student’s birth occurred on June 9, 2015, their reset password would be 06092015.


    You will need to create a new password that is at least 8 characters long and not your student number or past passwords. Students must first activate their accounts on a personal Chromebook, computer, or phone. This can also be done on a school computer. 


    This must be done before logging in to the StudentVUE app.

  • Connecting your device to GCPS Mobile

    GCPS Mobile is the wifi network students use to connect their devices on campus. Students log-in using there username (student number) and eCLASS password.   

    • ANY TIME you change your password on the portal or a school computer, you will also need to update your BYOD password on your device. There are instructions below on how to FORGET the network and reconnect if, for example, you changed your network password. Then you will need to change your BYOD password to this new password on your device. You may need to wait 20 minute before reconnecting to the wifi network.
    • If you have gotten a new device (phone, tablet, Chromebook, etc) and you bring it to school, you will need to connect to the GCPS-Mobile network using your computer/portal password. Follow these instructions for logging in. 
    • If you are logging in on a chromebook you will need to follow the Andriod directions below. While the connection directions are different, the setting in Section 3 are the ones you need.