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    The Technology Association of Georgia Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) strengthens Georgia’s future workforce by providing students with access, exposure and awareness to STEM opportunities through innovative and relevant hands-on learning experiences. By providing exposure today through internships, professional development, immersion experiences and connections to industry professionals we help shape the future workforce possibilities and talent of tomorrow. Click here to access the TAG-Ed website, and read below for some of the incredible work TAG-Ed does with students throughout the state!


    Internships and Scholarships

    TAG has partnered with over 150 companies to offer competitive five week internships. By registering and applying, students will receive resource information from TAG. Even if they are not successful in obtaining an internship, they can instead attend a four week free coding camp (https://www.tagedonline.org/futureready-coding-camp/). More information can be found at https://www.tagedonline.org/programs/tag-ed-summer-internship-program/. Through these internships, students are eligible for a number of Horizon Awards, including a scholarship.

    Career Readiness Workshops

    These are all free and help enhance a student's professional image as they prepare for the future workforce. There are upcoming sessions on October 30 and November 12 and 13. More information can be found at https://www.tagedonline.org/programs/career-readiness-workshop-series/.

    Digital Student Immersion Experience

    Partnering with 48in48, 50 talented students can participate in hackathon style events. This year's program is on October 12-14 but more are planned for the future. https://www.tagedonline.org/programs/digital-student-immersion-experience/.

    Georgia Pathways Magazine

    This STEM focused magazine is available on the TAG-Ed website, https://www.tagedonline.org.