• Registration in the Norcross Cluster

    The Norcross cluster of schools has two outstanding high school options for students to choose from – Paul Duke STEM High School or Norcross High School. While both schools offer rigorous academic course offerings and fine arts programs, there are several key differences between the schools. Once a family selects a preferred high school, the student may only move to the other high school by following the GCPS Permissive Transfer Process.

    Information about Paul Duke STEM High School academic programs can be found on our website.  Information about Norcross High School can be found here


    Click on one of the buttons below to learn more about the new student registration process for your child at Paul Duke STEM High School. 

  • Pinckneyville and Summerour Students

  • New to GCPS and All other enrolling students

  • Address Validation

    If you live in the Norcross Cluster, your child may attend either Paul Duke STEM or Norcross High. Click here to confirm that you live in the Norcross Cluster. 

    Students who live outside of the Norcross Cluster may be eligible for a Permissive Transfer. Learn more about the process here