• senior experience and exhibition

SEE Overview

  • All graduates of Paul Duke STEM High School participate in the Senior Experience and Exhibition (SEE) Program. This program is designed to help prepare students for college and career opportunities prior to graduation. SEE will culminate in a project and public presentation where students will reflect and synthesize their chosen experience. Students can partake in a number of experiences including Internships, Work-Based Learning, CTE Pathways, Fine Arts Pathways, Dual Enrollment, and Industry Certifications.

    There are five main avenues students can pursue in the SEE Program:

    • Off-Campus Internships
    • On-Campus Internships
    • The SEE Consultancy
    • Dual Enrollment/Cybersecurity at Mercer University
    • Work-Based Learning

    We are always looking for community partners! Check out the bottom of this page to see how you might become involved and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you're interested.

Program Types

  • Off-Campus Internships

    When people think of traditional internships, this is what they usually think of. The off-campus internship program pairs a student one on one with a mentor or organization where that student receives on-the-job training. In the past, Paul Duke STEM has had students intern as video production assistants, project managers, app developers, and coders. These students leave campus to participate in their internship and are able to learn valuable skills that are transferable to their future workplace or post-secondary education.

    On-Campus Internships

    There are several students without transportation or opportunities off campus, so Paul Duke STEM offers plenty of on-campus internships. These students are working as engineers or librarians and engage in actual problems and projects that benefit the school and community. These on-campus internships have proven to be beneficial not only to the students learning real-world lessons and practices but also to the teachers and staff they support.

    The SEE Consultancy

    The SEE Consultancy was formed out of necessity but remains because it is a fantastic program. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many partners did not have the capacity to take on interns. Therefore, Paul Duke STEM asked several community organizations to pitch some of their lingering and large problems to our students. In the 2020-2021 school year, we received pitches from the likes of MARTA, the City of Norcross, Molecula, Curiosity Lab, and the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources. Students formed consultancy teams and spent a year researching, empathizing, iterating, and building proposals to help solve these authentic issues. This consultancy model has proved to be highly successful for both students and partner organizations and has in fact become the basis for many other programs throughout GCPS.

    Dual Enrollment/Cybersecurity at Mercer University

    Some students planning on attending a four-year university after graduating from Paul Duke STEM elect to participate in Dual Enrollment. These students receive high school and college credit simultaneously. There are several steps to enrolling in this program; for more information, click here. One unique dual enrollment program at Paul Duke STEM is our partnership with Mercer University and the FBI. Every year a select group of students earns the right to participate in a Cybersecurity programs that gives them an in-depth look at what real cybersecurity looks like. This highly competitive and engaging program prepares students who are interested in this work after high school.

    Work-Based Learning

    Work-based learning is a program that allows students to earn high school credit while earning money at their job. Many students have taken advantage of this program, and with Paul Duke STEM's Flex Friday option, they are able to be released to work for several more hours than other high school students. Work-based learning compels students to reflect on what they want to do after high school while earning a paycheck that may help give them that opportunity. Learning valuable job skills while earning high school credits and a regular income is a chance many of our students have embraced.

SEE Coordinators

  • Sarah Eales


    Carly Scholz


Partnership Opportunities

  • We are always looking for new partners who can provide any sort of support to our students at Paul Duke STEM. There are several ways to be a part of our team including being a guest speaker in our classes either in-person or via Zoom, pitch a problem to our SEE Counsultancy, or host an intern in your organization. If you're interested in helping students with great -potential to become even greater, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, contact SEE Coordinators Sarah Eales and Carly Scholz.

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