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    Clinic Worker:  Saulena Briggs


    Clinic Reminders

    1. PLEASE update your child’s medical information AND inform the clinic of any changes.
    2. Medication information:
      • Each and Every medication must be accompanied by an “Administration of Medication Form.”
      • Parents must physically bring ALL medications to the clinic; students may NOT transport medications or carry them at school. This goes for over the counter as well as prescription medications.
      • ALL medications must be in the original bottle it was purchased in (no Ziploc bags, etc.).
      • On form, Beside time to be given- place “As Needed” if there is no specific time for it to be given.
      • At the end of the year all medications must be picked up by a parent or it will be discarded.
      • THE SCHOOL CANNOT GIVE ANY MEDICATION UNLESS A PARENT BRINGS IT TO SCHOOL TO THE CLINIC WITH THE SIGNED FORM. This includes cough drops, Neosporin, peroxide, eye drops, or other over the counter medications. 

    Students may not check out without a parent's consent even if they are 18.

    Please know I am not a registered nurse; I have county training for my job. However, we have a county nurse, Jeri Jones, whom I can contact at any time.