Tutoring at Paul Duke STEM

  • Here at Paul Duke STEM, we want every student to be successful. We have multiple opportunities for students to receive extra help with their academics:

    • Flex Fridays:  Students at Paul Duke STEM have the option to come to school on Fridays. While many of our students work on their asynchronous assignments from home, many come to school to receive extra help and instruction from our fantastic teachers. When they arrive at school in the morning, students sign up for where they want to spend their time in five blocks. For more information about Flex Fridays, click here!
    • Intervention Block:  On Wednesdays, students have the opportunity to sign up for one block to receive extra help. The purpose of the Intervention Block is for students to have a choice of which teacher they want to see and which subject they want help in. On Wednesday, students sign up for their intervention block, which occurs between 4th and 6th period.
    • After School Tutoring:  Teachers offer at least one day per week for after school tutoring. Please contact the teacher directly to schedule a tutoring appointment.