• Community Service Opportunities

    Anything you do to help someone outside of your family without getting paid may count as community service. 
    Possible Opportunities: Food Banks, Habitat for Humanity, Local and State Parks, Hospitals, Libraries, Senior Citizen Centers, Animal Shelters, Web Site Creation, Helping in Your Neighborhood, Religious Organizations.

    Community Service Award Information

    Dacula High School awards a community service cord for students who complete a minimum of 400 service hours during his/her high school career. The purpose of awarding the cord, which is bestowed during the student’s senior year, is to recognize those students who give of their time to help others and become active contributors to the community in which they live.

    The Dacula High School PTSA is also a certifying body for the President’s Council on Civic Service and Volunteerism and bestows the Presidential Volunteer Service Award to students who meet minimum criteria during one calendar year.  Students at any grade level can apply for these awards. Please see separate information from the PTSA regarding these awards.

    Community Service Awards Offered at Dacula High School:

    (All hour totals are for one calendar year, from the date the community service starts, unless otherwise noted.)

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award



    (given by PTSA)


    (given by PTSA)


    (given by PTSA)


    (given by DHS)

    Ages 11-15

    50-74 hours

    75-99 hours

    100 hours or more


    Ages 16-25

    100-174 hours

    175-249 hours

    250 hours or more


    DHS Senior




    400 or more hours

    Guidelines for Community Service Awards:

    • Volunteer Hours = any time devoted to improving the quality of life for another individual and/or organization where the volunteer is not the direct recipient of benefiting from the service given (i.e. fund raising activities and paid activities that benefit the student do not meet the requirements for earning community service awards; however, a fund raiser to raise money for childhood cancer survivors would count).
    • The volunteer work may include community, hospital, church, scout, athletic volunteerism, school, or club activities and must be done outside of the school day.
    • All volunteer work must be accurately and completely recorded on the Community Service Award Activity Log (attached).
    • If you are unsure your volunteer work is applicable, please check with the Counseling Office in 5.141.
    • Students must submit their Service Award Activity Log prior to leaving for Spring Break.  Please return the form to the Counseling Office in 5.141.

Download the Community Service Log

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