About Dacula High School

  • Dacula High School's mission is to have the greatest school effect in GCPS and the state of Georgia. This will be accomplished through use of the transformational classroom. We believe the transformational classroom is the future of education where teachers use outstanding instruction that harnesses the power of instructional technology to meet each student where they are as a learner.

    Over the last nine years, Dacula High School teachers have become outstanding at implementation of the transformational classroom. When we are executing our vision, the level of teaching and learning is some of the most impressive in the country. Several times a year, Dacula High School hosts site visits for administrators, teachers, technology coordinators, and even parents who would like to see the classroom of tomorrow, today.  


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  • Mission

    The mission of Dacula High School is to have the greatest school effect in the state of Georgia by moving students further than any other high school.

    The driving philosophy of DHS is "student success is our success."



    Instructional Vision:  Dacula High School will be a school that meets each student’s individual needs through transformational instruction that continuously integrates differentiation driven by formative assessment and supported by instructional technology. 

    • See Transformational Instruction Continuum

    Grading Vision: Dacula High School will be a school where grading matches the driving philosophy that student success is our success. As such, grading will reflect each student’s mastery of the learning standards. 

    • See Transformational Assessment Continuum


    Origin and History

    Dacula is a place of rich history and small beginnings. Historically, Dacula’s stepping stones have provided stability and generational pride.  Our community is one where great-grandparents, grandparents, children, and children’s children have chosen to live, grow, and prosper. The spirit of coming together in times of crisis or celebration sets Dacula apart as a community of pride inexorably linked to the past and with a vision for the future.  Traditionally Dacula’s schools, from that very first two story building to our current modern four-story complex have inspired students to set goals of pride in our academic and athletic excellence.  The fabric of our quilt is still being woven, and we, our students and our staff, are the threads of the present coming together to create a future of continued excellence.


    The Mascot

    The official mascot of DHS is the Falcons.


    The Colors

    The official colors are navy blue and vegas gold. 

    pantone colors    


    DHS Crest

    Alma Mater

    "Our strong bond can ne’er be broken;

    It can never die.

    Far surpassing wealth unspoken,

    Sealed by friendship’s tie.

    Dacula High, our Alma Mater,

    Thee in our hearts we’ll hold.

    We will love and cherish ever

    Dacula’s Blue and Gold."