• What is the Big Board?


    The Big Board was developed in 2012 by a pair of teachers in an attempt to challenge students to compete amongst grade levels so that a shift in the culture at DHS would occur. The result of students competing against each other is the emergence of students pushing themselves and their peers to strive for excellence, thereby changing the culture of Dacula HIgh School from adults holding students accountable to students holding themselves and each other accountable.


    The Big Board is an incentive program for students where they compete with their grade level for points in a variety of categories. All of the categories they are competing in encompass what DHS feels is most important to overall student success. These categories involve not only academic success but school pride and community service involvement. All of these combined are what Dacula HIgh School feels creates the “whole” student and what in turn will allow each student to RISE UP to their utmost potential.
  • How it is set up? 
    Students in each grade level compete in six events in each of the three main categories of Focus, Serve, and Engage. 
  • In what areas can students earn points?
    The FOCUS section includes GPA, student pass rate, attendance, tardies, AP participation and behavior. The ENGAGE section includes participation in various activities throughout the year such as participating in spirit week, attending homecoming, attending sporting events, joining clubs, etc. The SERVE category includes participation in our monthly service events which involves supporting various charities and members of the community.
  • When are celebrations and what are they?
     Big Board celebrations are held every six weeks totalling two celebrations each semester. In January we celebrate the overall winner for the fall semester. Along with the six and twelve week celebrations we also celebrate the overall yearly Big Board winner in May.