• School Applications for Your Phone

    All students and parents with a smartphone should download 2 NEW mobile apps, StudentVUE and Pulse. StudentVUE allows parents and students to easily access student grades, schedules, attendance, and an electronic student ID. Pulse gives students and parents access to eCLASS pages in a format that is easy to view on a smartphone.  Each app requires the student’s username and password that they use to access the portal, and the best part is, once this information is entered 1 time, you don’t have to enter it again.  In just 2 clicks on your phone, you can see your student’s grades or assignments. These new apps have definitely made it easier than ever to access important information about your child’s progress. We highly recommend the use of these apps.

    • Click here for directions on how to download StudentVUE.
    • Click here for directions on how to download Pulse.