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Media Center Mission and Vision

  • Head Elementary Media Center Mission Statement

    Reading…the final frontier 
    These are the adventures of the Head Media Center
    Whose K-5 mission is to
    Explore exciting new books
    To seek out information and synthesize it to solve real world problems
    To boldly go where no media center has gone before… 

    Intellect Trek…

    Our prime directive is to provide programs and books that support our strong, independent reading program, as well as the AKS so that at a later stardate, our students are able to show empathy, initiative, and know-how in the workplace. The activities we provide teach children persistence, self-awareness and resiliency so that they learn to work through problems rather than saying, "beam me up, Scotty!" Through these enterprises, we hope all of our students will embark on a trek that will allow them to reach the stars.  


    Head Elementary Media Center Vision

    The Vision of the Head Elementary Media Center is to serve our children and staff by providing an inviting area for research, reading,  and robotics. Our goal is to be the epicenter of the school where we let children work together to solve real world problems. With this approach, our dream is to have students who are able to put a positive spin on challenges. We want our students to recognize that they can learn from their errors. We strive to provide opportunities to teach empathy. Ultimately, we want our students to recognize that life is just like tennis…it’s hard to lose if you serve well.