• Cafeteria

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Cafeteria Information

  • Cafeteria Manager:

    Questions? Please contact Doris Brewer at: 770-736-4512 or doris.brewer@gcpsk12.org

    Procedures for Visitors:

    We love to have parents join us for lunch during the school day. However, parents must sit at the parent table. Friends are not allowed to join you and your child at the parent table because there is limited seating available. Birthdays are exciting for students. If parents want to bring a treat in for the class, it must be given out at lunchtime. Balloons are not allowed.


    Please utilize the front or side parking lots and enter the building through the front doors.


    • Upon arrival, you must check in at the front desk. You will receive a visitors sticker that must be worn visibly while in the school building.
    • Prior to leaving the building, please check out at the front desk.


    • Parent tables will be set up in the hallway next to the cafeteria. Tables with class names are reserved for those classes only. Due to limited seating, please refrain from sitting at your student’s class table.
    • Only your student may accompany you at the parent table.


    • We support the Wellness Program and therefore ask that you not bring fast food into the school.
    • Store-bought treats brought in for the class should be pre-arranged with your child’s teacher and may only be shared with your child’s class.
    • Please be aware of allergy restrictions in your child’s class when selecting treats.
    • Head ES will not supply or allow knives into the school building. Please pre-cut items or provide single-serve items.
    • Please refrain from bringing balloons, party favors, etc into the cafeteria.

    Visitors During Testing

    Due to changes in schedules, please refrain from visiting for lunch during testing administrations. These dates will be published on the Head ES website.

Meal Prices

  • Student Breakfast

    Full Price $1.50
    Reduced Price $0.30

    Student Lunch

    Full Price $2.25
    Reduced Price $0.40

    Adult Meal Pricing

    Full Breakfast $2.50
    Breakfast Entree Only $2.25
    Full Lunch $4.00
    Lunch Entree Only/Extra Entree $3.00
    Side $0.60
    Tea $0.35

    A La Carte

    Milk $0.40
    Bottled Water $1.25
    Extra Side $0.60
    Extra Student Entree $2.00

  •  This institution is an equal opportunity provider.