• Clubs & Activities


    Sponsor: Shann Griffith

    Grade Level(s): Kindergarten & 1st Grade

    Kindergarten and 1st grade students read 100 books (or have parents read to them). Write the names of the books on any piece of paper. Turn it into Mrs. Griffith in the Media Center. Students will be spotlighted on the Headline Morning News Show.

    Meeting Times: Independent Reading (No meeting times)


    Sponsors: Amy DysonTyler Patterson

    Grade Level(s): 5th Grade

    Fifth grade students who were interested in joining the before-school art club will be able to submit permission slips provided by the club sponsors.

    Meeting Times: The club will meet on Friday mornings starting at 7:45 AM starting on October 1st. Students will need to be dropped off in the car rider line by 7:45 AM on the Fridays Art Club is being held.  


    Sponsor: Joe Gusmerotti

    Grade Level(s): 4th & 5th Grade (numbers will be capped based upon interest)

    The focus of this club will be on learning basketball skills in a fun, friendly, non-judgmental environment. Teachers are welcome!!

    Meeting Times: This club will meet on the following Wednesdays starting at 7:30 AM in the lobby of the school:

    Jan: 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

    Feb: 7th, 14th 


    Sponsor: Kelly Mraz

    Grade Level(s): 4th & 5th Grade

    Chorus is a club where students will sing patriotic and holiday music in a large group. Anyone is welcome to join and opportunities for solos are available by audition.  We also sing out in the community at sporting and Holiday events.

    Meeting Times: This club will meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 AM from September though December.


    Sponsors: Tyese Lee

    Grade Level(s): 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

    3rd-5th graders learn to build robots and program them using Spike Prime. We will also work on coding with Scratch and other equipment and programs.

    Meeting Times: March-April: Start date and time to be determined.


    Sponsor: Kelly Mraz

    Grade Level(s): 4th & 5th Grade (By Audition)

    Our mission is to provide an extracurricular African drumming group to develop leadership skills for students in fourth and fifth grade. The group will be open to 15 students by audition, depending on interest and availability of instruments. Students will have the opportunity to perform many times throughout the year, including the Talent Show and various community events. The Bronco Drummers' purpose is to give students leadership opportunities through public performance, as well as to learn correct West African drumming technique and style.

    Meeting Times: Starting in February, the Bronco Drummers will rehearse on Tuesday mornings before school at 7:45 AM. Auditions will be held in January 2024.


    Sponsors: Terri Odum

    Grade Level(s): Kindergarten through 3rd Grade (12 students maximum)

    Do you love planting flowers or vegetables? Do you love observing and protecting nature and wildlife? Are you interested in participating in projects to help our school environment, such as composting and sharing environmental information with others? If you answered yes, then consider applying to be in the new Ecology Club.

    Meeting Times: The club will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM starting on January 31st. 

    Second Semester: Jan 31st, Feb 14th, Feb 28th, Mar 13th, Mar 27th, Apr 10th, Apr 24th

    If your student is selected as a member of this club, they must be able to stay after school and be picked up in the car rider lane promptly at 4:30 PM. Students will go to the cafeteria at dismissal time.  

    2023-2024 Application - Due Friday, January 26th


    Sponsors: Tyese Lee & Rachel Stallworth

    Grade Level(s): 4th & 5th Grade

    Selected members in grades 4th-5th (through an application and try-out process) will work together as a team to prepare for and compete in the FLL Competition in December. In early fall, FLL releases a challenge that is based on a real-world scientific topic.

    Each challenge has three parts: the Innovation project, Robot Design and Game, and the FLL Core Values. Teams participate in the challenge by programming a robot to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game). Developing a solution to a problem they have identified (Innovation Project), All guided by the FLL core values. Teams may then choose to attend an official tournament.

    The team is a limited-sized team of 10 due to regulations of the First Lego League. Applications must be returned by August 30th. Tryouts will be held on Sept 4th and 7th. 

    For more information: First Lego League

    Meeting Times: Practices for selected students will be held on Monday mornings from 7:30 AM to 8:20 AM (first bell) starting in September. 


    Sponsor: Kelly Bearden, Stephanie Richter, & Lauren Tundidor

    Grade Level(s): 5th Grade

    To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership amongst our 5th grade students.

    • ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement
    • CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful
    • LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of tomorrow
    • SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others

    Students must have earned all As during the 2nd semester of their 4th grade year for Fall induction ceremony of 5th grade year or 1st semester of 5th grade year for Spring induction ceremony.

    Meeting Times: Starting in October, this club will meet once a month to discuss character and leadership development traits and skills as well as plan and carry out a service project (Fall and Spring semesters) that will directly impact our community.

    This club will meet once a month on Mondays starting at 7:30 AM starting on October 2, 2023.

    Dates: Nov 6th, Dec 4th, Jan 8th, Feb 5th, Mar 4th, Apr 8th, May 6th


    Sponsors: Dr. Tonya Burnley

    Grade Level(s): 2nd through 5th Grade

    KidzLife Club seeks to help kids come to know the true heart of God. 

    Hosted by: Grace Snellville

    Contact: Jodi Hooper

    Students must be registered to attend. Please click here to register.

    Meeting Times: 3:15 PM to 5:00 PM (pick up in car rider circle in front of school)

    Dates: Tuesdays starting September 12th through November (First Semester) and January through April (Second Semester)

    KidzLife Club logo


    Sponsor: Jessica Gaskin

    Grade Level(s): Kindergarten through 5th Grade

    The Kindness Squad is a school club/family that meets together to create acts of kindness for others. We come up with ideas about how we can spread kindness in our community and beyond and do those acts of kindness together to make the world a little brighter!

    Meeting Times: This club will meet at 7:45 AM in Mrs. Gaskin's classroom.

    Dates: Oct 20th, Nov 17th, Dec 1st, Dec 15th, Jan 5th, Jan 19th, Feb 9th, Feb 23rd, Mar 8th, Mar 22nd, Apr 19th, May 3rd


    Sponsor: Carra Greer, Alicia Hines, & Kayte McAlexander

    Grade Level(s): 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

    The Mindfulness Club supports students with mindfulness techniques and strategies to help children manage their everyday stresses.

    The Mindfulness Club will help students learn to pay careful attention to their body, their thoughts, and what's around them. Mindfulness can give students techniques for calming themselves down when their emotions feel out of control. Mindfulness is a simple and powerful tool to quiet the mind and deal with stress.

    Meeting Times: Starting 2nd Semester, February 2024


    Sponsors: Tyese Lee & Rachel Stallworth

    Grade Level(s): 1st & 2nd Grade

    In Explore, teams of students in grades 1-2 will focus on the fundamentals of engineering as they explore real-world problems, learn to design and code and create unique solutions made with LEGO bricks and powered by LEGO Education Spike Essential.  

    Meeting Times: March-April


    Sponsor: Shann Griffith & Alicia Hines

    Grade Level(s): 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

    Learn Spanish or continue to become more fluent.  Practice reading, writing, and speaking Spanish with Mango Language app.  This can be found through the Gwinnett Public Library by using your public library card to access the app on your personal devices.  This will allow the students to learn at their own pace.

    Meeting Times: This club will meet quarterly to review the Spanish they are learning while playing games.  

    Dates: Oct 31th, Jan 31th, and April 30th


    Sponsor: Stephanie Richter

    Grade Level(s): 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

    Our volleyball club will teach basic skills with practice while learning team building. We will also work on building a sense of community and belonging while encouraging physical fitness. The students will practice and scrimmage during the club.

    Meeting Times: The club will meet afterschool on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Students will need to be picked up starting at 4:45 pm and no later than 5pm.  

    First semester: Oct 3rd, Oct 17th, Nov 7th, Dec 5th and Dec 12th

    Second Semester: Jan 9th, Jan 23rd, Feb 6th, Feb 20th, Mar 5th, Mar 19, Apr 9th, Apr 23rd


    Sponsor: Heather Albritton & Marti Lomax

    Grade Level(s): 4th & 5th Grade

    Witzzle Pro is for 4th and 5th grade students. A witzzle (witty puzzle) is comprised of a unique 3–by-3 array of the digits 1-9. Students are challenged to manipulate 3 digits and 2 operations to equal a target number. Students must draw on their knowledge of basic math facts, understanding of numbers and operations, and problem-solving strategies. 

    The club participates in a local tournament to determine 8 finalists that will attend the Cluster Tournament.

    Meeting Times: This club will meet starting in late-November through March. Start date and time to be determined.