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    Ralph David Head

    Ralph David Head  Ralph David Head was born August 19, 1915, the son of James and Kate Head, on the farm where the Heads had lived since the late 1800's. The farm was located in Dry Pond, in Jackson County, Georgia. He had three brothers and two sisters, also born there.

    Ralph D. Head attended Jefferson High School in Jefferson, Georgia. He graduated in 1933. He attended The University of Georgia in Athens on a basketball scholarship. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture and later a Master of Education Degree in Administration.

    While attending high school in Jefferson, Ralph met his future bride, Mildred Elizabeth Wilhite. They married in August 1939 and lived in Grayson, Georgia for a couple of years before moving to Snellville, Georgia. Ralph and Mildred Head had one daughter, Katie Ruth Head, born October 31, 1949. Katie had a son, Charles David Autry, Ralph and Mildred's only grandchild.

    Ralph and Mildred became members of Snellville United Methodist Church in the early 1940's. Ralph was very active in the church, teaching the Men's Sunday School Class for many years. He was also on the Administrative Board. Each Sunday morning, you could find the Heads in the back pew of the church at the 11 o'clock worship service.

    Ralph was a director for the first bank that came to Snellville, The Bank of Gwinnett. He was in the Lion's Club and was a past Master in the Mason's. Ralph was also in charge of the cannery in Snellville during the summers.

    Ralph was an educator for 35 years, teaching Agriculture and Shop at Grayson High School, Snellville High School, and South Gwinnett High School. On October 2,1964, Ralph became principal of South Gwinnett after the sudden death of Victor Knight. He retired July 1,1973. He then decided to run for Representative in the Legislature. He won the primary election but died the day before the general election of a heart attack on November 2, 1974.

    Ralph brought to his job more than competence, of which he had an abundance. Ralph genuinely loved his work and more often than not, he could be found at the school regardless of the time of day, or the day of week. In many respects, Ralph's job was his avocation, as well as his vocation.

    Ralph was loved, and respected, by the many students who sought his advice and counsel, and his career was marked by the sincere and personal interest he took in the people whom he served, and with whom he worked. There were people who were able to replace Ralph in the job he performed, although that wasn't easy, but there are few people who bring to their jobs, and to their lives, the gentle humanity, and warmth that characterized the life of Ralph David Head. 

    Respectfully Submitted By: Myra Hanner, Charlie Hanner, and Dan Hanner

    In Association With: Mrs. Mildred W. Head and Mrs. Shirley A. Smith

    Note: Mildred W. Head died November 17, 2001 at the age of 84. She was retired from teaching school at Britt Elementary. Katie Ruth Head taught 4th grade at Head Elementary for 3 years until her death from breast cancer on June 29, 1982.


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