The Georgia Milestones Assessment System

    Milestone Assessments are administered at all high schools in the state of Georgia. Milestones Assessments are required for the following courses: Algebra I, Geometry, 9th Grade Literature and Composition, 11th grade American Literature and Composition, Biology, Physical Science, United States History, and Economics. Milestones count 20% of the student’s final grade. A student must take the Milestone for the courses listed in order to receive credit for that class. If the student does not take the Milestone, the student will receive an “Incomplete” for the class. This can prevent the student from moving into the subsequent course in that area of study. To ensure students receive Milestone scores in a timely manner, it is important for students to be present and on time for each day of testing.

    For more information visit the Department of Education Georgia Milestones webpage

    More information is also available from GCPS