• Special Education

  • I am a parent of a student who currently receives Special Education services

    · Your student’s case manager is your first point of contact.  They are listed on your student’s schedule as the 8th period class.

    · Your attendance at meetings is vital.  Please make every effort to participate, even if it’s by phone.

    · Please sign up for the Parent Portal so you can keep track of your student’s grades.  If there are any concerns, never hesitate to email the classroom teachers.


  • I am a parent of a student who does not currently receive Special Education services.

    · If your student is struggling in school and you would like to discuss other types of support through the school, please start with an email or phone call to your student’s guidance counselor to set up a parent / teacher conference.


  • I am from another school and need to make a records request.

    · If you have sent a records request to our counseling office, they will share that with the special education department as well.

    · Our county policy is to mail records to other schools, so please allow a week for you to receive the records.

    · Email is the most efficient way to contact the Special Education Department.  If you have any further questions or needs, please send them via email to Allyson.Vamplew@gcpsk12.org.


  • Allyson Vamplew


    If you need further assistance, please contact:

    Allyson Vamplew

    Special Education Department Chair

    Email: Allyson.Vamplew@gcpsk12.org

    Phone: 770-232-5370

  • Special Education: A Toolkit for Parents

    Translations available in Spanish, Chinese, Bosnian, Korean & Vietnamese