• MCHS Racket Club

  • Congratulations to you and your Student Athlete for being part of the Mill Creek High School Tennis Program. Below is some general information about our upcoming season.

    We are governed by Georgia High School Athletic Association (GHSAA) and they allow us to start our season January 7th. We will start on January 7th with try-outs (with rackets) please see the schedule I have put together on our tennis team web-site: www.millcreektennis.com (there is a link to the schedule on the front page). Please understand it has been put together to cover about a 10-12 week period of time – for the most part it will be set in stone – as with anything - we may have to make changes to the schedule as situations during the season dictate. Our practices are mandatory – we will practice 5 days a week (varsity typically 1.5 hours per day), I am getting this schedule out there so you may look over it and make arrangements in your schedules to get your children to and from practices / matches.

    If you have not been by our tennis facilities we have one of the nicest facilities in the state thanks to our administration for allowing us to build what we have. We have 4 lighted courts (county gives each school 4 courts we took out a loan through the school for the lights which is paid off) and we have a great tennis locker facility (we worked over a 10-12 month period securing donations both monetary and product to build the locker facility). Our tennis facility consists of: boys / girls locker rooms (both locker rooms have a restroom), a visitors restroom, a team room upstairs a coaches office and the new deck which overlooks the 4 courts. The county recognizes a varsity boys / girls supplement but doesn’t recognize a j.v. boys / girls supplement or an assistant varsity supplement (this money comes from our booster club).

    We have a couple of costs associated with our season tennis: facility (improvements), uniform costs (kids keep these uniforms), booster dues (unlimited amount of string, grip tape, team events, etc…) and fundraising opportunity (if applicable)…

    Player Dues: $500 (Cost Covers Uniforms, Assistant Coach Supplement, Booster Dues, String, Grip Tape, Etc).
    *Dues are to be paid at the parent meeting without exception.

    We have come up with an opportunity to “off-set” your costs (if you desire)… we do a sign fundraiser (you can obtain these forms from the front of the web-site as well as in this packet).
    *If you sell 1 $300 sponsor sign which hangs for one year at the tennis courts you receive a $150.00 credit back on your dues.
    *If you sell 1 $400 sponsor sign which hangs for two years at the tennis courts you receive a $200.00 credit back on your dues.

    *Credits do not carry over from year to year. Credits are valid for current season only.

    *Player credit for fundraiser: Credits for signs sold during January will be given on February 1. Credits for signs sold during February will be given on March 1.

    Again, we look forward to meeting each of you and working with your kids this upcoming season.

    Tim Schroer – Varsity Boys / Girls Tennis Coach

Sign Sponsorship Information

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