Re-teaching / Reassessment Process

  • Any student who earns a failing grade on a test* will be retaught the content and given an opportunity to reassess in an effort to improve the failing test grade.

    Students who pass a test* on the first try, but would like to attempt a reassessment to improve their passing grade, can request a reassessment according to the following guidelines:

    Sixth and seventh grade students:  May elect to reassess UP TO two times per semester per subject.

    Eighth grade students:  May elect to reassess ONE TIME ONLY per semester per subject.

    All students who are reassessing should keep in mind that the second assessment may be a different format than the original. The reassessments will generally be administered during the school day unless other arrangements would be more beneficial for the student.

    The grade the student earns on the reassessment will be the grade that is placed in the grade book as long as the reassessment grade is higher than the original grade. If the reassessment grade is lower, the original grade will stand as final.

    *The word “test” could refer to any teacher-made unit test, common assessment, project, lab, etc. No reassessments will be given for district developed assessments, posttests, or standardized tests.