• Couch Middle School is a Google Apps for Education school!

    At CMS, every student has a Google account, enabling them to work collaboratively using the suite of Google apps.

  • What is Google Apps for Education (GAFE)?

    Google Apps for Education is a suite of powerful apps that empowers our students, and enables them to tap into their creative side to produce digital content. Through the apps, students have the ability to create, edit and share Google Sheets, Slides and Documents. They can save all their digital content to their Google Drive and access their work from home, school or even on the go from most devices. With the power of Google, students can write essays, create dynamic presentations and format tables and spreadsheets with ease, and then submit their final products into eClass.

  • How will students log in to their Google Apps for Education Account?

    Students will log in to their Google accounts through their My eClass login. Once they have logged in, they should click the link that reads G-Suite for Education to gain access to their Google Apps.

  • Google Drive

    Click this link to access Google Drive

    Picture of Google Drive Icon Use Google Drive to store all your files in one location.  You can access your drive from any internet-ready computer, and from most tablets and phones.  This will enable your student to work from home or from school.  You can upload any file type into drive.  You can even upload Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files into the drive, and then convert them to Google documents and slides.  

  • Google Docs

    Click this link to access Google Docs

    Picture of Google Docs Icon You no longer need to purchase and install other word processors when you have Google Docs. Sign in to your Google account and create documents in the cloud! You can also upload Word files directly to your drive, and then convert them to Google Docs. Using Docs, you can edit, collaborate and share your documents making group work so much easier!

  • Google Sheets

    Click this link to access Google Sheets

    Picture of Google Sheets Icon  Using Google Sheets, students will be able to create functional charts, graphs and spreadsheets. Students will also be able to upload Excel spreadsheets and convert them into Google Sheets.

  • Google Slides

    Click this link to access Google Slides

    Picture of Google Slides Icon Create beautiful and dynamic presentations with Google Slides. With the same functionality as PowerPoint, students will be able to insert pictures, animations and cool transitions to spruce up their digital presentations. Collaborate with friends to finish a project and then submit your presentation to eClass!

  • Google Forms

    Click this link to access Google Forms

    Picture of Google Form Icon Students can use Google Forms to create online quizzes, opinion polls, or just to collect data for science projects. The data they've collected will transfer to a Google Sheet where students can analyze their data, and then write a conclusions into a Google Doc.