• Media Center

  • Welcome to the RMS Media Center!

    The Media Center provides Richards students with the opportunity to become effective users of information and lifelong learners.  We support the curriculum of GCPS by providing services that promote literacy instruction for students and encourage a love of reading and of libraries.  Our goal is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for the entire school community.

    Please let us know how the media staff can assist you.

    Media Specialist: Grisel McDuffie

    Phone: (770) 338-4811

    Click here to access the Richards Middle School Accessit Online Book Catalog

  • How do I reset my eCLASS password?

    Any teacher who actually has you in class is able to reset your password through their employee portal.

  • How many books can I check out?

    You can check out 2 books at a time, and you can keep them for 4 weeks.

  • How much are late fees?

    We don’t charge for overdue books. However we charge for lost or damaged materials:

    1. Lost or severely damaged hardcover books: $20
    2. Lost or severely damaged paperback books: $10
    3. Lost or severely damaged books from GCPS elementary schools: $15
    4. Lost or severely damaged Playaway audio book: prices vary depending on original cost of the device
    5. Lost or severely damaged print magazines: $5
    6. Lost magazine envelopes: $2
    7. Missing spine label or missing barcode: $2
    8. Miscellaneous repairable damage: $5

  • How do I pay for lost or damaged materials?

    Students can bring cash into the media center or parents can pay online at the MyPaymentsPlus website. The book needs to be returned before a fine is assessed.

  • How much is printing in the Media Center?

    Students are only allowed to print 2 black and white pages per visit. We do not charge for printing. Color printing is not available. If a student prints more than 2 pages or excessively prints within a short timeframe, the copies will be confiscated. Printers are reserved for school assignments only. Printing of personal documents is not permitted.

  • Do I need a pass?

    Students who are visiting with a teacher do not need a pass. Individual student visitors need a pass signed by a teacher. They will also need to check in at our circulation desk.

  • Can I use my cell phone?

    Students are not allowed to use their cell phones in the media center without permission from a media staff member. Students are not allowed to charge their cell phones in the library.