Second Grade

  • Second grade is a very exciting year at Fort Daniel!

    Our students will work to improve their reading skills as well as reach their goal for Reading Rewards. We challenge our students to develop their reading comprehension. Students will infer, find supportive evidence, and compare and contrast text to deepen their level of thinking. Our students will also learn to retell stories, describe the central message and understand the overall story structure. We also focus on grade level phonemic awareness and fluency while reading.

    Math brings us many new skills, too. Second grade builds upon the foundations laid in first grade. Students will improve their number sense and fluency in addition and subtraction by decomposing numbers. Students will strengthen problem solving skills and complete multi-step functions.

    In writing, we explore the writing process to produce informational, opinion and narrative pieces.

    Our main focus in Social Studies this year is all about Georgia! We learn about the regions, early beginnings of our state and how famous Georgians impacted our lives.

    Science is always fun as we learn the scientific method through experiments on phases of matter, force and motion, astronomy and life cycles.

    We are so excited to share our love of learning with your children!