• CMS School Counselors

    Ms. Dianne Parker, 7th and 8th grade Counselor


    Bolaji Orokunle, 6th grade Counselor



    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Coleman Middle School school counselors is to assist in removing barriers to students' academic achievements and to promote a safe and secure environment by providing developmentally appropriate counseling services based on best practices. This includes providing students with a comprehensive school counseling program that will address student needs through academic, social/emotional learning and career counseling.


    The vision of the Coleman Middle School comprehensive counseling program is that all students will maximize their potential for academic success and be prepared to pursue post-secondary education and/or enter the workforce and become a world-class citizen.

    Overview of the CMS Guidance & Counseling Program

    Coleman Middle School counselors deliver services in four ways: (1) Classroom Core Curriculum Lessons (delivered to all students & based in the areas of personal/social, academic and career development), (2) Individual Student Planning (one-on-one assistance with goal formation/planning), (3) Responsive Services (brief counseling, crisis intervention, problem-solving, peer mediation) *If a student needs mental health counseling, we will refer the family to community counseling resources. (4) System Support (school-wide programming, consultation with school & community professionals, and support for students and their families).

    Students may visit counselors as needed and parents will be notified as needed. Parents and teachers may refer students to a counselor if a concern arises.

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  • Counselor Contact Information



    Contact a Counselor 

    Coleman Middle School Counseling Corner eCLASS Page

    When should I contact the counselor?

    1. When your student or child is having difficulty achieving academically.
    2. When family changes interfere with academic progress.
    3. When you want to become more involved in your child’s educational and career choices.
    4. When you need help to interpret tests and school records and track progress.
    5. When you want to discover available resources and agencies for your student or your family.



  • Dual Enrollment

    Please review the information below regarding the dual enrollment program. 

    Dual Enrollment Information

    Dual Enrollment Program

  • Social Media Pranks

    Social Media Pranks

  • Mental Health Awareness Tips for Parents

    Mental Health Awareness Tips for Parents

  • Emotional Support

    COVID - 19 Emotional Support Flyer

  • Helpful Links for Parents

    Helpful Links for Parents:

    Crisis/Mental Behavioral Health Resources (word doc link) emailed to Derek

    Free Grief Counseling Service for Students in the Metro Area

    Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) 1-800-715-4225

    Digital Citizenship

    Health and Wellness Resources

    Educational Tips for Parents


    Community-Based Mentoring Program


    Dual Enrollment Information

    Crisis Mental Behavioral Health Resource

  • Attendance Information

    Attendance Information

    • Teachers welcome correspondence between parents. However, please note that emails or phone calls to teachers or other CMS staff regarding your son’s or daughter’s absence from school will not automatically excuse his or her absence.
      Gwinnett County Public School policy stipulates that students who are absent from school need to send a doctor note or handwritten parent note to the school – within 48 hours of returning to school – stating the reason for his/her absence. This written documentation is given to the homeroom teachers.
      This written documentation is forwarded to the grade level clerks for filing, and should the reason for the absence be one noted below, your child’s absence is designated as “excused.”
      Excused absences include:
      • Personal illness
      • Serious illness or death in the immediate family
      • Court order
      • Observing religious holidays
      • Weather conditions making travel to school dangerous
      • Serving as a Page in the GA General Assembly
      • Parent/guardian being sent overseas for or returning from active duty
    • If your son or daughter accumulates 5 unexcused absences, you will receive a courtesy call from the grade level counselor regarding this status. However, please feel free to contact us anytime you have questions or concerns as it relates to school attendance.

  • Tips for Successful Middle School Years

    Tips for Successful Middle School Years

    Middle school is a special place that gives students new opportunities and more independence. Students feel excited, sad and nervous. Classes are different, rules are new, and schedules are busier. Here are some tips for success in middle school.

    o   Getting organized is an important key to success.

    o   Use agenda books to write down assignments each day. Keep your backpack cleaned and organized.

    o   Schedule time for homework, break big projects into small steps, and prepare the night before.

    o   Talk to your teachers. Ask questions if you are unsure of your assignment, if you do not understand something, or if you need help.

    o   Turn your homework in on time and always do your best work.

    o   Get involved in extracurricular activities. Find things that you enjoy like sports, clubs, and community activities. It's a great way to meet new people and to have fun!

    o   Get plenty of rest at night and eat a good breakfast to stay healthy.

    o   Communicate with your parent or guardian regularly about what is going on with you at school.

    o   Be sure that you are here each and every day. If you are not here, you can't learn.