• The Symphonic Band performs level V and VI music.  The band performs in, at least, one festival as well as several concerts per year.  All students are required to perform in concert attire.

    Symphonic Band schedule is a second semester class taught during 4th period.

    Band of students playing instruments  

    Introduction (Syllabus Summary)
    The Symphonic Band is the major performance ensemble. Members are chosen by audition at the end of the football season; approximately 45 advanced instrumentalist. The Symphonic band repertoire consists of quality original works and the best orchestral transcriptions. The band attends the district music festival annually. Rehearsal time is posted.
    * Enrollment in band class is required.

    1. Instrument
    2. Method Book(determined by instructor based on proficiency).
    3. Uniform for performance(Black dress-ladies, Black tuxedo-gentlemen)

    Scales and arpeggios                                20%
    Class participation                                    10%
    Written assignments                                  5%
    Performances and rehearsal                      25%
    Method book                                            20%
    FINAL EXAM includes Final performance     20%

    Expectations for Academic  Success
    1.    Daily Individual Practice
    2.    Small Ensemble Practice
    3.    Professional Band Rehearsal Etiquette
    4.    Ear training
    5.    Music Theory Training
    6.    All-State Preparation

    Additional Requirements/Resources

    •     Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory
    •     Smart Music
    •     Private Instruction
    •     Music Library

    Prerequisites: Two years on an instrument have performed in a grade 4 or higher ensemble or audition by Band Director.
    * In the event of an emergency(valid excuse) a final exam written and/or performed (directors discretion) will be administered.