• The 2025 Prom venue has been booked. Our 2025 Prom will take place March 14th at the Georgia Aquarium, Ocean's Ballroom. Tickets are available for purchase in mypaymetsplus. Keep in mind, ticket prices will increase over time; we do understand that paying for prom and also paying for senior dues can be a lot, so we have plans to provide a fundraiser September 1st to help with the cost of your prom ticket. This will be the only fundraising opportunity, so it is imperative that you read your email carefully and look out for instructions for the fundraiser during the month of August. Prom tickets are NOT covered in senior dues. 
    Junior Dues- If you are a 2024-25 junior, paying your junior dues will cover prom your junior and senior year. If you wait to pay your senior year, you will pay a prom ticket price that will be more than your junior dues price. Paying junior dues will give you a 2 for 1 special at a lower cost. 
    Fundraiser Opportunity- Sept. 2nd (details coming in August). Raising $400 or more will cover your prom ticket fees.  This opportunity is not available for guest tickets or parking at this time. Any funds raised under or over the amount will be a donation that will go towards the venue cost.  
    Prom Theme- Opulence 
    Prom Location- Georgia Aquarium Ocean's Ballroom
    Date/Time- March 14th (7-11pm)
    Senior Prom Ticket- $175 (ticket pays for DJ, Venue, Decor, food) Parking is NOT included in this price. Price will increase Dec 1st. 
    ** Guest tickets are not available for purchase on mypaymentsplus. We will begin selling guest prom tickets in the school store starting January 13th. You will need to complete and submit a guest form with purchase. Forms will be available for pick up at the beginning of January. Only students who have paid for their tickets, can purchase guest tickets. 
    All tickets, both student and guest must be paid by March 1st, no exceptions! This is so we can have an accurate head count. 
    If you have any question, please, please, please, email me. I am more than happy to answer any questions,Shantae.Pitts@gcpsk12.org. Let's make this a memorable moment for the kids. 
    Shantae Pitts, Ed.S
    Junior Class Sponsor