• Junior Marshal Information

    Junior Marshal is an honor bestowed on the top academic students from the high school junior class.
    Junior Marshals attend senior events and graduation in an honorary and service capacity.
    Junior Marshals are juniors who meet the following requirement: 92 or above cumulative GPA.

  • junior marshal responsibilitiesStudents must participate in ALL three events in order to earn 10 service hours.

    • You will need to provide your own transportation to and from these events.
    • Appropriate behavior from Junior Marshals is expected AT ALL TIMES as you represent the best and brightest MCHS has to offer.  Disrespect towards any teacher and/or fellow Marshal will not be tolerated.
    • You should attend all activities with a good attitude and be ready and willing to assist any Junior and/or Senior Class Sponsor with anything he/she might need during these functions.
  • Graduation Set-Up

    • The schedule is dependent on the weather.
    • You will assist the Senior Sponsors with the graduation setup.
    • We will also walk through lining up and walking onto the field.
    • These two duties will take a minimum of TWO hours to complete.
  • Graduation Night:

    • iPods, cell phones, and any other devices are NOT allowed at graduation (students cannot enter the commons with a cell phone).   If you bring a phone, you will have to check it in before graduation and pick it up after graduation.  
    • Your Junior Marshal sash must be returned to the Junior Marshal Sponsors BEFORE carrying out your post-graduation responsibilities.
    • You are REQUIRED to assist with the breakdown of the chairs on the field once the ceremony is over.

    Proper Attire:
    Females:  Solid black skirt or dress pants, solid white shirt, and dark shoes – NO HEELS.  Your attire must be in keeping with the MCHS dress code.
    Males:  Black dress slacks, solid white button-up shirt, dark socks, and dark shoes. NO JEANS  

  • On graduation night, shuttle buses will be provided from 12 Stone Church to Mill Creek before and after the ceremony. 
    Students are encouraged to park at 12 Stone and/or have their rides pick them up at 12 Stone after graduation to avoid the traffic at Mill Creek.