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    Dress Code

    Dress Code

    Duluth High School works to create a safe, positive and welcoming learning environment where all students can thrive. Our mission is to help students grow into the most well rounded and prepared version of themselves for the workforce. With this mission in mind, we would ask that in the same way that you would respect the need to adjust your attire accordingly to attend a place of worship or employment that you would be considerate of the fact that school is also a destination with a purpose that is worthy of presenting ourselves with a certain amount of decorum. This dress code was developed through collaboration with student, faculty and community partners. Please help us by adhering to it and be prepared to change any articles of clothing that do not align with these standards. Refusal to change or repeated violations may result in disciplinary consequences.

    1. Headgear

      • No headgear is allowed on campus with the exception of hoods that do not obstruct the face outside of the classroom. 

    1. Tops

      • Stomach should not be visible above the naval 

      • Undergarments should not be visible at any time

    1. Bottoms

      • All bottoms must be no shorter than mid-thigh

      • Waistline of bottoms must be on or above the hips

      • There should be no skin showing above mid-thigh at any time

      • Undergarments should not be visible at any time

    1. Outerwear

      • Students may not wear blankets or capes to school.

    1. Shoes

      • Health regulations and safety considerations require that shoes be worn at all times at school.

      • Oversized bedroom/house shoes are not allowed

    1. Undergarments

      • Undergarments should not be visible at any time

    1. Wording / Symbols

      • Student clothing shall not display words or symbols that advocate, depict, or imply violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, gang affiliation, or any other illegal activity.

    1. Gang-related attire

      • Students are not allowed to display clothing or symbols that have been identified by the Gwinnett County Police Gang Task Force as being commonly identified with gangs.

      • Examples include (but are not limited to) bandanas, and draping articles of clothing, towels, or other objects out of pants pockets or over the shoulder or neck area.

    1. Exceptions and updates to the Duluth High School dress code may be made by the Principal or his/her designee at any time. 

  • Electronics Policy

    Electronics Policy

    Students are allowed to use their cell phone/electronic device before school, between classes and during lunches. During instructional time (class time), cell phones/electronics MUST BE TURNED OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT unless otherwise prescribed by the teacher. Headphones and like electronic equipment should be used in one ear only (one in and one out). Safety and security necessitates that students are able to communicate with faculty and staff at all times.


    • 1ST Offense – Warning
    • 2nd Offense - 3 days Restricted Lunch
    • 3rd Offense - 5 days Restricted Lunch
    • 4th Offense - one day ISS
    • 5th Offense - Use administrative discretion

    It is the student’s responsibility to secure personal items while at school. THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY.

    *Note: Students that violate the cell phone policy in the 9th grade Academy will have their phones turned in to the 9th grade office for the remainder of the day and will be assigned three days of restricted lunch on the first offense. Students may pick up their cell phones from the 9th grade office before leaving for the day.

    Please review the Duluth Student Handbook for further information.

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