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    In partnership with the Gwinnett County Public Library (GCPL), GCPS provides Tutor.com as an online tutoring resource for students.
    Live tutoring support is available daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

    In addition, students can receive “drop-off support,” 24-7, by uploading a document for tutor feedback that will be reviewed and returned at a later time. 

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  • How Do Students Log In?

    Students will use the My eCLASS Student Portal to log in to their eCLASS pages where they will access assignments, resources, and other materials.

    Click here to access the My eCLASS Student Portal.

    • User ID = student ID number
    • Password = please contact your teacher if the student is unable to remember their password

    Click here for information on how to use eCLASS C&I Course Pages.

    If your child has trouble accessing a teacher’s course page, please contact your child’s teacher.
    Click here for staff directory

  • Other Details

    • Be prepared for slowness of the programs during peak usage hours.
    • If the power is out during an inclement weather situation, a student may access the teacher’s eCLASS page when power returns.
    • If a student does not have access to a computer or device during an unexpected Digital Learning Day (tablet, smartphone, etc.), the student can get the assignment once school resumes.
    • Student work will be expected to be turned in to the teacher (either digitally or in person).
    • Click here for Gwinnett County Public Schools Digital Learning Day information.

  • Connecting School-Owned and Personal Devices to Wireless Access

    Chromebooks and Other Android Devices

    Complete the following information when prompted:
    • Ensure the Wireless settings are "ON" and the GCPS-Mobile network is chosen
      (You may need to disconnect from GCPS-Guest or any other open networks your device may have discovered.)

    • In the EAP method field, select PEAP
    • In the Phase 2 authentication field, select MSCHAPv2
    • In the CA certificate field, select Do not check if it is an available option, or select Default

    • Enter Student or Employee ID number in Identity field.
    • Leave Anonymous identity field blank.
    • Enter your password in Enter password field.
    • Click Connect.

    Apple (iOS) Devices

    Complete the following information when prompted:
    • Ensure the Wireless settings are "ON" and the GCPS-Mobile network is chosen.
    • Enter Student or Employee ID number in Username field.
    • Enter your password in the Password field.
    • Click Join
    • If presented with a Certificate screen, click More Details to verify that the certificate references “Gwinnett County Public Schools,”
    • Then return to the < Certificate screen and click Trust.


    Rosebud Elementary School is a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) school. This program is designed to support teaching and learning through safe, efficient, and monitored wireless access. 

    To participate in the use of BYOD resources, all users must agree to use the school network when available, and not personal 4G, 5G, or other cellular service providers on their devices. Using the school network ensures a filtered, appropriate solution that is optimized for BYOD use.

    When instructed, students are allowed to bring mobile devices with the expectation they will be used as a supplemental instructional resource. The BYOD access may be limited to certain schools, areas, and zones, based on the school's identification of instructional need.

    GCPS is not responsible for any damages, fees, lost functionality, support, or costs that may be the result of students or staff members participating in BYOD.

  • Student Chromebook Documents

    Click the icon below to review expectations and instructions for use of GCPS Chromebooks.

    Chromebook Logo

    Click here to view the Chromebook Checkout Agreement.

  • Student Access to Zoom Using GCPS Google Account

    Many teachers require students to access their meetings using an authenticated Zoom account. Students should link their GCPS Google accounts to Zoom in order to attend these meetings.
    *Students using Chromebooks with the Zoom Extension/Application installed and verified should have already linked their accounts and can just sign in from the Zoom Application. Click here for details.

    Directions for Students to login to Zoom with GCPS Google Account

    1. Log into the Student Portal (eCLASS).

    2. Click G Suite for Education

    G Suite for Education Link

    3. Open a new tab in your browser [+]

    Open new tab in browser

    4. Go to https://zoom.us/signin

    5. Select Sign in with Google

    Zoom sign in

    6. When asked to Choose an account, select the one with the GCPS email address (firstname.lastnamexxxx@g.gcpsk12.org).

    7. Click Create account

    Now that you have created a Zoom account with your Google ID, you can join a meeting.  

  • Google Classroom

    This year, many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom.

    Please follow these steps for setting up your student's GCPS Google account for the first time: 
    Accessing Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Logo

    (Screencasts linked above were created by the LSTC at Head ES and used with permission.)

  • Changing Your Chrome Browser User

    Frequently a new user needs to be added to existing Chrome accounts so students can access their GCPS Google Classroom. Use the directions below to help guide you through this process.

    Changing Your Chrome Browser User (Handout)

    Changing Chrome User

  • Connecting Mobile Devices to Google

    In order for mobile devices to work properly in G Suite for Education & Google Classroom, various free Google apps should be downloaded. 

    These apps include:

    • Google Drive
    • Google Docs
    • Google Slides
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Classroom
    • Chrome (optional depending on the device being used)

    Once you have downloaded these apps, use these directions to guide you through connecting to your child's GCPS Google account: Signing in to Google Accounts on a Mobile Device

  • Setting Up School Chromebooks at Home

    Chromebook logo

    If your student checked out a Chromebook from our school, you must connect to your home WiFi network FIRST before logging in.

    Zoom App Logo
    For Zoom to work correctly on Chromebooks, please follow these directions.

  • School Chromebooks - Asking for Email Address

    If the Chromebook is asking for a student email address, then one of the following three things is happening:

    1. The Chromebook has not been connected to your home WiFi. This step must be done first.

    2. The person attempting to log into the Chromebook is clicking the "Sign in with a different account" link that is on the first opening page of the Chromebook. If this happens, it will prompt for an email address. Instead, please click the blue button in the bottom right corner and from there it will go to the Student Portal login screen. Students will log into the Portal with their username and password.

    3. If the GCPS Portal system is slow or down, it will redirect you to a Google login screen rather than the GCPS Student Portal login screen. In this case, there is nothing we can do but wait for the GCPS site to come back online.

    (The information above was created by the LSTC at Head ES and used with permission.)

  • Personally-Owned Chromebook Account Troubleshooting

    If you are having trouble with a personal Chromebook, most likely you have conflicting Google accounts.

    Troubleshooting Personal Chromebooks Help Sheet

    In the case of multiple Google accounts causing conflict, use the directions linked below to sign out of all other personal accounts.

    Directions for Signing Out of Personal Google Accounts

AKS at Home

  • AKS at Home Logo  
    Gwinnett County Public Schools' AKS at Home project provides math and language arts resources to support families so that they truly are partners in their children’s learning.
    This support is available for families to access in the format that fits them and their schedule best. They can attend live virtual meetings, view recorded information at a time that best fits their schedule, or gain tips and suggestions on how to best help their students through tip sheets on a wide variety of topics.

Useful Apps to Download

  • Google Apps and Zoom