• Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent enrollments means that while you are a student at Peachtree Ridge High School, you can take class(es) at other schools through these programs.

  • Interested in Dual Enrollment?

    Please register for Peachtree Ridge electives/classes as if you are NOT taking any dual enrollment classes in the upcoming school year. Your PRHS schedule will be updated once you register for your dual enrollment courses. This is important for making sure you complete all graduation requirements and receive any elective you may want at Peachtree Ridge. 

    To view the whole process, click on the 'Steps for Dual Enrollment Participation' tab below.

  • Steps for Dual Enrollment Participation

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    Ms. Chrissie Bolt, Dual Enrollment Coordinator 
    Email: Chrissie.Bolt@gcpsk12.org
    Curriculum Office

    PRHS Dual Enrollment Contact Information Sheet

    Watch the video below to learn more from last year's Dual Enrollment Meeting.

    Recording of the Dual Enrollment Meeting 

    (this meeting is close-captioned automatically in the video)

    Dual Enrollment PowerPoint Presentation

     Gwinnett Tech Dual Enrollment Help Session survey Link

    Current PRHS Dual Enrollment Students:
    If you are planning to enroll in Dual Enrollment classes, please be sure to do the following: 

    1. Apply for Dual Enrollment Admissions at your college. Many schools require this each year. Gwinnett Tech students must also fill out a Dual Enrollment Tuition Acknowledgment Form (DETA) form. 
    2. Complete a NEW funding application/Student Participation Agreement on Georgia Futures (the new application is now available and online in GA Futures at www.gafutures.org). This NEW application is good for the ENTIRE school year. This is for summer or fall classes. 
    3. Register for a full Peachtree Ridge Schedule (Spring Registration) even if you plan on doing dual enrollment classes. Your PRHS schedule will be updated once you have registered for your college classes.
    4. Schedule a required meeting (limited slots available) with Ms Bolt in the tab below. Without scheduling and attending this meeting, you will not be able to participate in dual enrollment.
    5. After you have registered, you are required to email a copy of your COLLEGE schedule to Ms. Bolt to update your file. *Your PRHS schedule WILL NOT be adjusted until Ms. Bolt receives a copy of your schedule.

    New PRHS Dual Enrollment Students:

    If you are interested in participating in Dual Enrollment for the Fall semester (or beyond), you should do the following:

    1. Email Ms. Bolt of your interest and plans to participate in Dual Enrollment.  Indicate which school you plan to apply and whether you anticipate being a FULL-TIME student (no classes at PRHS) or PART-TIME student (classes at both the college and PRHS). 
    2. Complete the Student Contact/Advisement Sheet and email a scanned copy of the document to Ms. Bolt via email at Chrissie.Bolt@gcpsk12.org.
    3. Schedule a required meeting (limited slots available) with Ms Bolt in the tab below. Without scheduling and attending this meeting, you will not be able to participate in dual enrollment.
    4. Create (if you haven't already) an account on GA Futures at www.gafutures.org and then apply for Dual Enrollment Funding.  This application will serve as your participation agreement for the entire school year.  After you complete this, a link will be sent to your parent.  Both of you will need to sign off on this application before you will be accepted into any post-secondary institution.
    5. Apply to the post-secondary institution of your choice.  Gwinnett Tech (GTC) and Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) are the two colleges closest to PRHS and are the most convenient for that reason. However, Georgia State, with campuses in Alpharetta, Dunwoody, and Clarkston, may also be an option as well as other Georgia public institutions.  
    6. Read ALL the information in the Dual Enrollment PowerPoint at the top of this page and the additional information about HB 444 which is also found in the resources section below.  You should ALSO have your parents go to Georgia Futures (www.gafutures.org) and read the information and FAQ about Dual Enrollment.
    7. All schools are requiring some sort of admission assessment.  This may be satisfied in several ways depending on the school:  ACT, SAT, PSAT, or Accuplacer.  Admission scores (ACT or SAT) must be sent directly to the institution from the scoring agency.  If you took the SAT, send these from the College Board, if you took the ACT, send them from ACT.  If you are planning to apply to Gwinnett Tech, they will accept PSAT scores.  If you wish to use PSAT, please email Ms. Bolt and request that she send these scores to the institution for you.
    8. If you are attending GGC, they have been requesting a paper copy of the SPA (Student Participation Agreement) in addition to the electronic copy of the SPA.  Ms. Bolt can do this for you via email, but must have an idea of what you plan to take at the college before sending you the SPA.     
    9. If you are attending GGC or GSU, they will require a HS transcript.  This transcript must be official and either come directly from PRHS or a better option is to send it electronically through Georgia Futures.  This is fast, free, and convenient.  
    10. Monitor your email and student portal at the college you applied to determine any information that may be missing from your application.  This will also be where you will receive additional information about orientation, advisement, or registration after you have been accepted.
    11. After you have been accepted, email Ms. Bolt with the information about where you have been accepted and she will work with you to suggest possible classes based on your plans for Dual Enrollment. 
    • PRHS Dual Enrollment Contact Information Sheet should be emailed to Ms. Bolt at Chrissie.Bolt@gcpsk12.org in order to create a Dual Enrollment folder for each student. This does not go to the college, it is just for contact information for the Dual Enrollment Coordinator.  

    • The information in the PowerPoint is the information used to present at the Dual Enrollment information meetings and should be a good resource of information about making a decision to participate in dual enrollment

    Dual Enrollment FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

    PRHS Dual Enrollment Contact Information Sheet

    HB 444 -New Rules for Dual Enrollment Participation 

  • Book an Appointment with Ms. Bolt

    Please click here to book an appointment with Ms. Bolt. An appointment is required to be scheduled and completed before acceptance into the Dual Enrollment program. Failure to schedule and attend your appointment may result in denial/removal from the Dual Enrollment program.

  • Maxwell HS of Tech. & Grayson Tech.

    Maxwell & Grayson Tech. Banner

    Maxwell High School of Technology

    The mission of Maxwell High School of Technology is founded in educational research on increasing achievement, improving graduation rates, and sustaining student success in post-secondary experiences. The research-based initiatives that Maxwell will undertake include, but are not limited to, awarding of credit based on demonstrated mastery rather than instructional hours, providing a seamless transition for students to college and/or career, and assuring that the faculty represents the highest caliber of professionals with real-life experiences that can be transferred directly to student learning.

    Click here to visit the Maxwell HS of Tech. website for more information

    Grayson Technical Education Program

    The Grayson Technical Education Program opened in 2004 in a building that was constructed adjacent to Grayson High School. Grayson Tech serves Juniors and Seniors from all Gwinnett County public high schools. Grayson Tech is a state-of-the-art technical education facility that offers 12 career pathway programs to explore. Programs currently include Commercial Photography, Culinary Arts, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Exercise Physiology, Graphic Design, IT Networking, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, Music Technology, Sports Medicine, TV and Video Production, and Veterinary Science. Students in each program earn 4 total credits, with at least one academic credit. The entire staff is dedicated to providing students with the best learning experiences possible. Students are encouraged to create pathways to their futures. They have opportunities to develop leadership and work ready skills that will serve them well: now and in life after high school. 

    Click here to visit the Grayson Tech. website for more information

  • Credit Recovery & Supplemental Programs

    Students who fail courses during the school year can recover them concurrently throughout the school year through Ridge Recovery (Credit Recovery), Phoenix High School (7th Period), or Gwinnett Online Campus (Supplemental Program) - when offered. Please be sure to meet with your school counselor prior to registering for any course recovery.

    NOTE: All courses taken outside of PRHS must be approved by your school counselor.

Concurrent Enrollment Annoucements