• NGHS Final Exam Exemption Policy (Seniors Only)

    Who is eligible to exempt multiple-choice final exams?

    • Must be a senior
    • Has no suspensions for the entire senior year
    • Has no major cheating violation or plagiarism for senior year
    • Has been designated as an honor graduate (90% GPA without rounding)-see new
      Honor Grad Status timeline
    • OR
    • Has a 90% average or better in a class by Friday, May 21st, 2021
    • Students taking AP classes must have a natural A (90 or higher without the 10

    *There will be no exemption forms given out this year. Students who are eligible to exempt their final exams will be contacted by their teachers.*

    All students will be required to take Performance Final Exams, SPGs, DAs and EOCsHONOR GRAD STATUS

    High school graduating seniors who have an overall “A” average, 90% or greater by the 12 week grading mark in 2nd semester or at the end of 2nd semester, will be classified as an honor graduate. No honor graduates will be determined at the end of first semester except for December graduates. A violation of the Code of Academic Integrity during junior or senior year, which results in suspension, will result in loss of honor graduate status. Honor graduate status includes Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be determined at the end of first semester. In order to be recognized at Honors Night, a student must have reached the 90.0 mark by the 12 week grading mark in 2nd semester.