• Clinic Information
    The clinic is located near the front lobby of the school around the corner from the Attendance Desk in room 410.

    Hours: 6:45 am - 2:45 pm

    Phone Number: (770) 271-5145
    Fax Number: (770) 271-5185

  • 410
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  • Dismissal from Clinic

    When a student requires dismissal from school due to illness or injury, they should come to the clinic with a pass from their teacher. Students will be evaluated by the clinic worker and the parent/guardian will be contacted as situations require. A parent/guardian must present picture identification before a student is released for dismissal. If a student calls a parent from their cell phone for pick up, please instruct them to go to the clinic. Please inform the school when there are changes in phone numbers. It is imperative that we have updated information in case of illness or emergency.


    Administering over-the-counter medications at school is discouraged. If a student needs to take prescribed or over-the-counter medications during the school day, a parent/guardian must complete an Administration of Medication Request Form and return it with the prescribed labeled medicine or over-the-counter medication. Medication must be in the original container. Medication in baggies will not be administered. All medications must be kept in the clinic. Students may not possess prescription or over-the-counter medications and may not share medications with other students.

    Medical Plans

    Students with conditions which require monitoring during the school day (i.e. asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, severe allergies, seizures, etc.) will need a medical plan completed by a parent/guardian. Please contact the clinic if your student requires an asthma, diabetic, or allergy plan. Diabetic and allergy plans require more than one form to be completed. Please call if you have any questions.