• Freshman Mentoring

  • Meeting Location: During Advisement

    Sponsor:  Kirsten Baker


    Freshman Mentors are Juniors and Seniors who go through an application/interview process to be selected to work with our freshmen in their Advisement classes. Mentors are trained monthly on a student-developed curriculum to help guide freshmen through their first year of high school.

    Teams of 8-10 Juniors and Seniors lead classes of approximately 20 Freshmen through their first year of high school.  The mentors are trained on our curriculum including topics like soft skills, study skills, stress management, time management, digital citizenship, and communication.  The lessons include critical communications from North Gwinnett such as how to register for classes as well as the personal small group guidance from the team of mentors.  One adult serves as the Mentor Advisors in each class.  That advisor will remain with the class of Freshmen their 4 years at North to serve as their personal connection through their high school journey.

    Students who are interested can apply in the Spring of their Sophomore year.