Literati Book Fair Safari thank you
  • Thank you for supporting our book fair AND our media center program!

    The money earned from our book fair 

    will go to support our World Book online subscription,

    Breakout EDU subscription, 

    our Readers Rally team, 

    and other media programs!

    We appreciate your support!

    Our next book fair will be November 2024.

Literati Kids Book Club
  • Have You Heard About Literati Kids Book Clubs?

    Help your reader grow while supporting our school in a kids book club!

    Literati’s monthly book boxes are personalized to your child’s reading level and interests.

    Explore five new books each month, and find titles you might not have discovered otherwise.

    Sign up at

    10% of every dollar spent will always go back to our media center 

    to purchase new books for our library!