• To earn promotion to the next grade, Gwinnett County middle school students are required to pass five out of six subjects each semester. Language Arts and Mathematics must be two of the five subjects passed. Northbrook Middle School will offer credit recovery for students who failed a first-semester core academic course (Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies) through its Academic Assistance Program (AAP). Students who need this credit recovery opportunity will be enrolled in the Academic Assistance Program (AAP), which will provide six weeks of instruction aligned to first semester curriculum standards. The purpose of the Academic Assistance Program is to provide students with the opportunity to recover the necessary course credits for promotion. Students who successfully demonstrate mastery of the curriculum standards covered in AAP will earn a passing grade (70) for the course.

    Students who need AAP for Language Arts or Math will be scheduled for a Language Arts or Math Remediation Connections course until AAP is completed.