• The History of Northbrook

The Old Panasonic Building before it became Northbrook Middle School
  • The History of Northbrook Middle School

    “Grounded in Excellence”


    The story of Northbrook Middle School is inextricably tied to the rapid growth of Gwinnett County and its residents’ commitment to quality education. During the boom years of the 1990s, northwestern Gwinnett County experienced a surge in residential and commercial construction and became a magnet for corporate headquarters and business enterprises. The attraction of businesses and families facilitated the opening of Hull Middle School in 1996 to relieve the Duluth cluster. Hull became the sole middle school for the new Peachtree Ridge cluster which was created in 2003 impacting residents in Duluth, Suwanee, and Lawrenceville. The excellent reputation of the Peachtree Ridge cluster continued to attract residents through the first decade of the 21st Century. On August 5, 2014, Northbrook Middle School opened its doors as the newest member of the Peachtree Ridge cluster.


    The campus of Northbrook Middle mirrors the business boom Gwinnett County experienced over the previous three decades. Northbrook sits on the site of the former Southeast Distribution Center for Panasonic North America. Completed in 1995, the bustling building housed 450 employees and was a key hub for the Japanese corporation’s North American operations. When the company sold the facility in 2007, Gwinnett County Public Schools purchased the property in anticipation of the community’s continued growth.


    The addition of the new middle school, nestled among businesses large and small along Northbrook Parkway, is a daily reminder of the knowledge and skills students will need to succeed in the 21st Century. Northbrook teachers and staff are excited to create a culture grounded in excellence in which the inaugural 981 students are provided individualized and rigorous instruction and an atmosphere of that is nurturing and high achieving.

What the Building of Northbrook Looks Like Now