• Black History Month Resources for 11th English Language Arts

  • Click here for the Online Research Library or access it through the student portal.

    Google Document to gather info and sources (use your teacher's version.)          Sisson Research Assignment

    Option 1: African American Firsts 

    Use filtering options on Biography in Context to find African Americans in specific fields: Advanced Search >>Person Search >> Ethnicity "African American" >> Occupation

    Option 2: Famous Black Americans 

    Biography in Context >> Click Browse People. Then filter by Topic (African American/Black American) to choose famous Black Americans in specific occupations. 

    Option 3. Significant Eras in Black History

    Search for or scroll to a chosen significant era of Black history in The African American Experience or American History database from ABC-CLIO or search in all of their history databases with a combined database search

    • Within the era, specifics on topics such as arts and literature, movies, fashion, and music can be found in Pop Culture Universe.
    • Another good online source to search the seven specific topics for your chosen time period or decade is Encyclopedia.Com. (Try a detailed search! Click the quotation signs for an MLA citation you can copy and paste OR use the web page address for the MyBib or Google cite tool.)

    Citation Tool Recommendations:

    •  MyBib, which is great for pasting citations provided from databases AND for generating website citations.
    • Google Citation Tool is an easy option to use within a Google Doc, better for JUST website sources. In the menu bar, select Tools> Citations.
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