• Environmental Impact Report

     Log in to the following:

    • GCPS Student portal-->

    • Google Workspace for Education 

    You will draw the name of a location to research. Your goal as an environmental scientist is to understand its ecosystem and the risks of climate change on its native species.

    Start by thinking Location > Biome > Food Web based on higher level consumers and working down to lower level consumers and primary producers.

  • As you research, fill in your Google Doc with required information. Then use Google Sites or a different website creation platform that you may know well to showcase your information, graphics, and sources on six different pages as indicated.

    Save both information and citation information on your Google Doc Citation Tool. As long as you don't delete a source you can insert it at the end of the Doc and then copy it onto your webpage for #16.

    Day One: Focus on filling in research information and citing the source

    Day Two: Start with a quick introduction to using Google Sites and continue work.