Readers Rally

  • Readers Rally is a competitive reading competition for students in 4th and 5th grades!  Competitions are held in late February of the school year and leading up to the competition, students are required to read a list of 10 books to be quizzed on at the competition.  Readers Rally is a lot like a team sport!  We will hold meetings that are like a sports practice.  Students must participate in the discussions and questions asked at the meetings, much like practicing a sport!  We will have a local school competition to determine who will go on to represent our school at the county competition. 


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    *The media center will house 2 or more copies of each title on the list! Feel free to get ahead and start reading now for next year’s competition!

Readers Rally 2024-2025

  • What is Readers Rally?

    Readers Rally is a reading quiz bowl style competition for students in grades four through twelve. Students read books from a predetermined list and answer questions about those books. Each Gwinnett County school may send one team of ten players or less to the Readers Rally event.  


  • How are the lists of books determined for each level?

    Elementary school has a 10 book list and middle school has a 10 book list created every year by a Gwinnett committee of media specialists, teachers, and parents. 

    High school teams read 10 books from the Georgia Peach Award for Teen Readers list each year. 

  • Where is the Readers Rally event?

    Peachtree Ridge High School

  • Where do parents park at the school?

    The main parking lots at Parsons Elementary and Peachtree Ridge High School.

  • What is the event schedule?

    7:00 am Breakfast begins for adult volunteers

    7:15am Adult Volunteers arrive by this time

    7:30am Adult Volunteer Training and Student Volunteer Check-in

    8:00am High School/Elementary Coaches Check In

    8:30am Elementary Opening Ceremony Begins/High School Play Begins

    9:00am Elementary Play Begins/Middle School Coaches Check In

    9:30am Middle School Play Begins (No Middle School Opening Ceremony)

  • Do parents need to stay for the entire event?

    Do parents need to stay for the entire event? 

    Once students are dropped off with their teams, parents may choose to wait in the commons area/gym, or may leave and come back.  Since the time for the closing ceremony is dependent on the length and number of rounds per level, it is difficult to determine when the event will end. Most of the competitions last 2 to 2.5 hours.

    Are parents allowed in the competition rooms?

    Parents are not allowed in the competition rooms or in the competition hallways. Elementary parents may attend the opening and closing ceremonies. Middle and high school parents may attend the closing ceremonies. 

  • Are younger siblings allowed to attend the competition?

    It is recommended to make other arrangements for younger children or to bring a quiet activity to help keep them occupied. Younger children may stay in the designated waiting areas with their parents.

  • Do winners go on to another competition?

    Yes – the top four elementary and middle school teams, as well as the top 2 high school teams will compete in the Championship Event during a school day during the month of March in the GCPS-TV studio at the Instructional Support Center (ISC). The Championship Competition will be televised on GCPS-TV at a later date. 

  • Will anything else be taking place at the event?

    Bedford Falls will have a Book Fair in the commons area. Bedford Falls does charge sales tax.