• GCPS District Assessments

    District Assessments are a part of Gwinnett County Public School’s Balanced Assessment Program. They are a mixture of both formative and summative assessments administered at the classroom level to measure student learning of the Academic, Knowledge, and Skills (AKS). The Pretest, Interim, and Final assessments allow students to demonstrate what they know, understand, and are able to do.

    Administration of the assessments occurs once every 9-weeks and requires a maximum of one class period to complete.

    The data from the assessments provide teachers, students, parents, and other stakeholders information regarding student learning. Students are encouraged to review their assessment results and teacher feedback to help improve their learning. Teachers use the data, individually and collaboratively, to help make informed decisions during planning and refining of instructional activities. District leaders use the data to provide instructional support to improve student achievement.

    9th  Literature and Composition

    10th  World Literature and Composition

    11th  American Literature and Composition

    12th  British Literature and Composition

    Algebra 1


    ACC Geometry

    Algebra 2


    ACC Precalculus




    US History

    World History


    English ESOL II

    English ESOL III