Book Care

  • We learn and practice taking care of our books every year. 

    • Keep library books in a safe place.
    • Do not write, draw, color, or cut your library book.
    • Use clean and dry hands when reading your library book.
    • Be careful when placing a book and water bottle in the same bag. 
    • Use caution when eating or drinking while reading a library book.
    • Do not leave library books outside.


  • All books are checked out for two weeks.

    Students may return books early and checkout new materials.

    If a student has a fine or overdue book, he or she will need to pay the fine or return the book before checking out more materials.


    Number of books allowed when checking out.

    Kindergarten - 1 book

    First and Second Grade - 2 books

    Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade - 3 books



    There are no fines for overdue books, but fines are accessed for lost or damaged books.

    Fines for lost and damaged books are:

    • $15 for a book
    • $5 for a paperback book


    If a lost book is found and returned after paying for it, a refund will be issued.