• Counseling Services

  • What is the role of your school counselor?

    • Provide short-term individual counseling to students to assist in goal setting based on academic, attendance, behavior, and social/emotional data.
    • Provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations.
    • Conduct classroom core curriculum lessons.
    • Provide targeted small group counseling when behavioral, social or emotional issues interfere with academic progress.
    • Collaborate with parents, teachers, and administration.
    • Participate in Student Support Team Meetings.
    • Support attendance goals and initiatives.
    • Connect parents to outside resources when help is needed.

    Parents, teachers, and students can initiate referrals to the counselor.

  • Individual Counseling

    We see students on an individual basis if they need assistance in dealing with a concern related to home or school. Students may request to see the counselor, or teachers or parents may refer them. Individual Counseling is brief and time-limited. If your child requires extensive individual counseling, we would be happy to refer you to providers outside of the school system.

  • Small Group Counseling

    Students are sometimes referred by their teacher or the Student Support Team (SST) to participate in small group counseling. The small group provides each student with the support of his/her peers and the counselor to help develop his/her potential. These groups offer students opportunities to increase self-awareness, improve academic success, and learn problem-solving skills. Some small group session topics include but are not limited to resiliency, anger management, study skills, choice-making/behavior, grief, friendship, social skills, self-esteem, and family changes.

  • Classroom Core Curriculum

    Counselors see classes on a regular basis. Guidance lessons follow Gwinnett County Counseling Competencies and Standards and address topics such as careers, testing, study skills, decision making, friendship, personal safety, and problem-solving.

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