Primary Resources on Display - A picture is worth a Thousand Words

  • This week, we are featuring a primary resource that encapsulates a pivotal moment in history – the Selma-to-Montgomery March for Voting Rights in 1965.

    This powerful image captures the spirit and determination of individuals who fought tirelessly for the right to vote, contributing to a significant chapter in the civil rights movement. We invite everyone to come and view this primary resource, as it serves as a visual testament to the courage and resilience of those who paved the way for change.

    To complement this exhibition, we encourage you to delve deeper into the historical context and personal narratives surrounding this momentous event. Two recommended readings are available beside the display:

    1. Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom

      • This insightful book provides a personal account of the struggle for civil rights, offering a unique perspective from someone who experienced it firsthand.
    2. Because They Marched

      • Explore the broader narrative of the civil rights movement through this comprehensive book, which highlights the collective efforts that shaped a nation.

    Feel free to check out these books and immerse yourself in the stories that unfolded during this crucial period in American history.

Primary Source Display

Black History Month is an annual celebration of African-American Heritage

  • This year our school participated in a door decorating contest that highlighted iconic African Americans!  Check out our Media Center doors!

Media Center Doors

Our Sweet Reads Await You

  • Love is in the air with our featured books this month.  Stop by the Media Center to check out our romantic books with first crushes, Love Languages, African American icons, and much more.  I'm sure we can find your perfect "match"!

Ring in the New Year with READING!

  • We just received a new shipment of books!  Be the first to preview and read our new middle school titles!  Hurry!  Stop by today!

Jingle all the way to the Media Center to check out a new book!

  • The weather outside may be cold but we have books to warm your soul! Stop by to see our featured books on display!  Let us help you find the right book.

November Is Here!

  • Hey students! We have a variety of books waiting to be checked out!  Books on our many displays include: Veterans Day, Origami Day, Branches of the Military, Day of the dead, Native American Indian, Thanksgiving, and a highlight of Nonfiction books!  Stop by the Media Center to check out a book anytime! We are here to help!

Check Out Our Spooktacular Books for Halloween

Caught in the act of reading!

  • We absolutely adore our Five Forks readers!
Students reading in the Media Center
Scholastic Book Fair Coming Soon

Congratulations to our Bookmark Design Winners!

  • We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Five Forks Media Center's Bookmark Design Contest! With an impressive 16 entries, the competition was fierce, and we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their creative efforts. Pictured are the top three winners. Well done, guys! Your designs received the most votes, and your creativity truly shone through. The winners received a well-deserved prize. But that's not all! The winning bookmarks will be printed and made available for the entire school to enjoy through December! Your artistry will brighten everyone's reading experiences. For all other participants, please don't forget to pick up your bookmarks from the media center. Your designs were fantastic, and we appreciate your participation. We have more exciting contests lined up for you. Keep an eye out for our September contest, and who knows, you could be the next winner! Once again, congratulations to our talented winners, and thank you to all participants for making this contest a resounding success. Your creativity adds a touch of magic to our school community.

Let the Voting Begin!

  • Hey guys!  It's time to vote for your favorite bookmark!  Three lucky winners will receive prizes and their bookmark will be printed for the entire school to enjoy! Stop in by the Media Center all this week, check out a book, and vote on your favorite bookmark!

Bookmark Design Contest
  • Welcome back Readers!  Stop by the Media Center and check out our new selection of books!

  • Hey Comic Fans!  We have a database just for you.  Check out the Comics Plus Database located in your Online Research Libraries on your portal!  Check out our Spanish Speaking Classes, learning all about this database with Mrs. Brown!

  • Exciting News from the Five Forks Media Center!
    Our amazing 7th grade students had a blast at the Book Tasting event held in the Media Center. Each class got to savor a delicious buffet of books and talented authors that were organized by genre. Students expanded their literary horizons in the most delightful way. The goal was simple: to inspire everyone to embark on a new reading journey.
    By the end of the event, students couldn't resist the temptation to check out their favorite discoveries.
    A huge shout-out to our 7th grade readers and language arts teachers for this unforgettable experience! Let's keep the reading spirit alive and thriving. Remember, every book opens a door to a world of imagination. Keep exploring new books to read!
We love our readers!
The first students to check out a book.

Welcome to the FFMS Media Center

Check out our Ramadan Collection!

  • Learn more about Ramadan by reading one of our fascinating books! We love it when you check out books on display!

Ramadan Book Display

April is a great time to read with your "Peeps"!

  • Hey Broncos! Are you and your friends interested in reading the same book?  We have titles pulled just for you!  Grab a friend and stop by the Media Center today!

Reading With My Peeps

Spring into reading with our new titles!

  • April is here and we have a host of new titles for you to read while lounging on a picnic blanket under blue skies! Stop by to check out one of our new books today!

March . . . . right over and check out a book!

  • Stop by the Five Forks Media Center today to check out our March Themed Collections! We are here to help you find the perfect book to satisfy your reading needs!

Happy Chinese New Year!

  • This is a great time to learn about Chinese culture! Stop by the Media Center today to check out a book!

Chinese New Year Books

Did you miss our January Makerspace?

  • We had a blast with all of our STEAM activities!  Consider joining us in February!

January is the perfect time to read!

  • New Year . . .  New Books!  Stop by the Media Center to be the first student to read one of our amazing new books! Hurry!!!

Santa wants you to READ!

  • Hey Broncos! Find your next Winter Obsession with one of our cool winter Reads! Stop by the Media Center today!

Makerspace November

  • We had a wonderful time at Makerspace Club!  If you missed it, don't worry, we meet each month.  Join us and make a friend!


  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the Origami Folding contest! We had lots of creative designs submitted.  After all the votes were tallied, we had one winner!  Contratulations!!!

Origami Folding Contest Winner

Our Books Will Give You *Serious* Autumn Vibes

  • Hey Broncos!  Be sure to stop by the Media Center to check out our new selection of books!  They arrived just in time for the Fall weather! So . . .  stop by before they are all checked out!

Did you miss our October Makerspace?

  • We had a wonderful time at our October Makerspace! Don't worry if you missed it! Our next date is November 2, 2022!  You’ll have the opportunity to compete in challenges or to enjoy the many activities that we have for you. Join us next time and bring a friend.  We have some pretty cool activities for you . . . and surprise treats!

Fall is all about the warm and fuzzy . . . books!

  • Hey Broncos! Cozy up with our amazing autumn reads! We have books that we know you will embrace . . .  from romance to action and adventure!  Stop by the Media Center today!

Take 5 Breakfast Book Talk Party!

  • Today, we celebrated all of our Summer Readers with a Breakfast Book Talk Celebration! Students who participated were entered into a drawing to win gift cards, plushies, and gift baskets. Check out our event!

Makerspace Club

  • Hey Broncos!  Our first Makerspace Club in the FFMS Media Center got off to a great start!  If you missed it, don’t worry! Join us next time on October 5!  Be sure to bring a friend!

Makerspace Club

Hello Sweet September!!!

  • Hello Broncos! September has finally arrived! We've created book displays with titles to read during the month of September! Be the first to check them out! Stop by today!

The Video Production Club Has Started!!!

  • We are excited about another great year of broadcasting with our Video Production Club! This year we had a record number of students showing interest in becoming a team member!  During our meeting, we talked about the expectations of team members and the jobs that students will learn.  The meeting ended with a tour of our broadcast room led by former Video Production team members.  All applications are due on August 24th!

Book Tasting with Our 7th Graders!

  • Our 7th graders started the year with a Book Tasting | Genre Walk.  They learned about some of our literary genres, "sampled" our collection, and checked out books they found interesting. 

Late Post: The Media Center is officially open!!!

  • We rewarded the first person to check out a book from each grade level!  We love our readers!

6th Grade Orientation

  • Today our 6th graders visited the Media Center for their official welcome! Our theme this year is EXPLORE: Adventures in Reading!

Hello Readers!

Readers in the Media Center

Attentin! Attention! New Year = New Books

  • Hey Broncos!  We added books to our collection over the summer and they are ready for check out!  Stop by today to be the first to read them!

Video Production Students to the Rescue

  • Special thanks to last year's Video Production Crew.  They helped us open the year with our announcements! 

    If you are interested in joining our club, make plans to attend our meeting on August 19, 2022 at 8:15 a.m. in the Media Center!


  • Welcome back Broncos!  Allow me to introduce our new Media Clerk, Ms. O'Donohoe!  We are excited about having her join our team!  Stop by the Media Center to say hello!  She can't wait to recommend the perfect book!

The count down is on . . . .

  • Hey Broncos!  We are excited about welcoming our 6th graders and can't wait to see our returning 7th and 8th graders! We just received a shipment of books released over the summer that we know you'll love!  Book check out begins on the first day of school, so hurry! You could be the first to check out a new title.

Broncos! There's Still Time To Read!

  • May is here and we have the perfect Beach Blanket Reads just in time for Summer!  Hurry to the Media Center to check out our new titles! Preview them for our upcoming Take 5 Initiative!

Check Out Our Spectacular Spring Reads This April!

  • Spring is here, and we couldn't be more excited about blue skies, sunny days and our amazing new titles!  Stop by the Media Center today to be the first to check the amazing reads we just can't get enough of!

  • Congratulations to our March Book Madness Winner! He was able to guess the final two books! He is the winner of a NCAA basketball, just in time for the Championship game!

It's officially Shamrock Season!

  • Hey Broncos! This month the Media Center wants to make reading a little sweeter! So . . . stop by the Media Center and check out a book with a Shamrock for your chance to win a daily prize!  Good Luck!

Head to the Media Center now! It's March Book Madness!!!

  • Will your favorite books be winners? Stop by the Media Center to join the fun . . .  it’s March Book Madness! March Book Madness is a bracket-style tournament that matches books in one-on-one "games."  The games will be decided by your vote. After each week of voting, the bracket will be updated, and the next round of voting will begin. Find out which two books will be left to face off!  If you can guess the final two books, you will win a basketball in time for the NCAA Basketball Championship game! Enter for your chance to win today!

Reading is our SUPERPOWER!!!

  • Our FFMS Readers Rally team was up bright and early at Peachtree Ridge to take on schools all across the district. We won the Wildcard and will now RETURN to the County Championship in March! Our students know the importance of reading, and it showed! Thank you to Mrs. Brown Mrs. Geabeau, Mrs. Kirkland, and Mrs. Tran for their work with these students 

Valentine's Day, Black History Month, President's Day, Mardi Gras and more . . . We are celebrating it all! Stop by the Media Center to check out books about each event!

The best way to stay warm is to stay inside and read!

  • Hey Broncos!  We have brand new books to start your New Year!  Stop by the Media Center to browse our collection!

Candy Cane Grams *heart*

  • Hey Students . . . The best way to spread Holiday Cheer is by sending a Candy Cane Gram to those you hold dear. For just $1 you can send your classmates, teachers and other Five Forks staff members a fun holiday candy cane gram with your own personal message. Each candy cane gram will be hand delivered.  Don't miss out on this opportunity!


    Candy Grams are on sale now . . . in the Media Center!

Candy Cane Grams

December Books You Need To Read This Holiday Season!

Choose your next fall favorite book with our Amazing Autumn Reads!

  • Broncos! It's officially fall, aka the season to cosy up with a great book!  We've rounded up some of our best titles for our Fall displays. This month features: World Origami Days, Native American Heritage, Books that have become Movies, Day of the Dead and of course our brand new books.  Stop by the Media Center to get comfy-cozy with a seasonal spectacular story!

Collect Them All . . .

  • Hey Broncos! Check out these Bitmoji bookmarks in the Media Center.  Your Language Arts teachers, Administrators, Counselors, and Media Staff created a book list of their favorite reads!  Stop by to find out which books they enjoyed reading!

Bitmoji Bookmarks

Congratulations to our Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners! Your pumpkins were fabulous!

Fall. Is. Here.

  • October is here!  We have your next Fall Favorite and some Amazing Autumn Reads! From scary to heart warming . . .  we are sure to have something just right for you! Stop by the FFMS Media Center today!

Congratulations Readers! It was my pleasure to reward you!

  • Today we had a celebration for all of the students who participated in the Take 5 Books for Summer Reading Program!  Everyone was rewarded with Krispy Kreme Donuts that were garnished with sour gummy worms. During this party, the students had the opportunity to share the books they read with their friends and meet new firends.  However, the highlight was when we gave away twelve $10 gift cards to Starbucks and three gift baskets full of prizes valued at $100+ each.  We love or readers!  Keep up the great work guys!

Did you miss the Makerspace Club this month?

  • No worries!  Check the website for the next meeting date.  You are welcome to come.  Bring a friend!