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Counseling Services

  • Norcross Elementary School has two full-time professional counselors whose goal is to support all students, parents, and staff. The counselors provide classroom guidance lessons, individual and group counseling, and consultation with parents and teachers. They also lead programs related to character education, school attendance, mentoring, student leadership and other areas.

    NES Counselors support students through short-term individual and group counseling when behavioral, social or emotional issues interfere with academic progress. Students may refer themselves or be referred by a parent, teacher or administrator. Sometimes students may need more intensive or ongoing help. The counselors are able to help connect parents with outside resources when this help is needed.

    Students may work with counselors on a variety of topics; including the following:

    • Peer Relationships
    • Study and Organizational Skills
    • Behavior
    • Attendance
    • Family Changes such as separation, divorce or death in the family
    • Being Bullied
    • Making Friends
    • Problem Solving
    • Reducing Anxiety